Some say too many cooks spoil the soup, but this stance holds little clout for us after the eight-hands extravaganza at Horizon Grill, Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur. Two Singapore-based chefs, Kurt Sombero of Meatsmith Little India and Tamara Chavez of Tono Cevicheria crossed the straits to collaborate with Daniel Wong and Fodil Baghal of Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur. The result? A six-course spread designed to titillate fine dining lovers.

What better dish to represent Peru than its national dish of ceviche? Hence Chef Tamara's decision to serve Ceviche Tono, a signature dish at her restaurant in Singapore. Presented with two textures of purple potatoes (chips and mash) and two types of seafood (squid and scallops), the entrée aroused interest for its key ingredient dubbed 'tiger’s milk,' a marinade said to make men more virile. Inspiring us to make future reservations at Meatsmith Little India, Chef Kurt's Ikura Papadum is worth any impending heart attack, as far as cholesterol-laden dishes go. Chef Daniel's Risotto 'Goreng', on the other hand, was lamentably more striking than scrumptious. A perfectly fried soft-boiled egg sat on a 'nest' of arborio rice that lacked spice, although the pickled lettuce provided a nice pick-me-up. An introvert with an inclination for sweets, Chef Fodil delivered a plated dessert that spoke of his love for seasonal produce. Poetically christened 'Summer,' the saccharine sphere placed local figs in the limelight, while salted caramel ice cream and thyme caramel sauce served as sidekicks