Cover Sakimoto Bakery opens its doors in Hong Kong this December (Photo: Courtesy of Sakimoto Bakery)

Sakimoto Bakery will offer the original flavour of shokupan without flying to Japan

Sakimoto Bakery, a premium bread speciality store originating from Osaka, Japan has opened its first Hong Kong store in Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui. The Hong Kong outpost recreates the style of the original Sakimoto, featuring cement and wood shop interiors and will allow Hong Kong diners indulge in the original flavours of shokupan (Japanese milk bread) right here in the city.

The store and bakery was founded by the eponymous Masamitsu Sakimoto, to create a healthy bread without using eggs and milk so that his daughter—who has allergies—can enjoy eating it. After two years of product development, he expanded the business to incorporate the process and ideas of western confectionery, eventually revolutionising the shokupan culture.

Staying true to providing original shokupan to diners, the equipment, ingredients and production process of the Hong Kong branch will strictly follow the same as Japan's. The chef from the Japanese headquarters will also come to Hong Kong to ensure that the authentic flavours of shokupan are recreated.

The first Hong Kong store offers two famous Japanese classic flavours, Gokubi natural shokupan, made without eggs and milk and uses specially selected North American wheat, and Gokunama milk butter shokupan, which uses the same techniques as the former and combines it with milk, fresh cream from Hokkaido, butter and honey. There will also be limited daily special and seasonal flavours available from time to time. From the first bite into the chewy texture and sweet flavour, you will enjoy the delicious staple of a healthy breakfast or snack.

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Besides the bread, there will be 15 flavours of premium artisanal handcrafted jam delivered directly from Japan available for purchase. Called Jewel Jam, the series has three categories—fruit, where you can enjoy various harmonies of fruits, spices and herbs; milk, made with Hokkaido milk and cream together with sugar and condensed milk; and Japanisme, inspired by traditional Japanese desserts.

Some of the bestsellers in Japan include milk butter pearl, pistachio pearl, strawberry garnet, ruby rose and framboise and early grey pearl.

The store in Harbour City is available for both dine-in and take out. For dine-in, the jam set is served on a wooden tray and you can choose whether you'd like the bread with jam or butter. The shokupan comes with a nine-grid mark, which allows you to try three different flavours of jam in each grid. For those taking out, you can choose two flavours of jam with a single slice of shokupan.

Guests can also pre-order by lining up at the store from 9am onwards to collect a ticket and pick-up the shokupan based on time written on the ticket. The number of pre-orders will be adjusted accordingly with a daily quoted while stocks last.

Sakimoto Bakery, Shop 3208, L3, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui,+852 3590 8297,

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