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Five Sen5es at The Westin Kuala Lumpur offers diners three set menus this festive season, with a number of dishes that feature prized catches. Cod fish, stuffed scallops and deep fried prawns are just some of the treats to grace the menu, cooked in a variety of styles to give diners a well rounded tour of Chinese cuisine. Here our some of our highlights after sampling their 10-course meal.

1. Yee Sang

A cornerstone of any Chinese New Year meal, Five Sen5es offers the classic salmon yee sang using fresh Norwegian fish to bring out the flavours of the starter. Crispy, crunchy and tart, it has all the right elements to please the table.

If you want something else besides salmon, there's a vegeration option with pear and mango, an abalone version, as well as the ability to add-on additional seafood toppings.

2. Braised Duck With Red Yeast Rice And Peanut

If you're a fan of duck, you're in for a treat. The bird is cooked until soft and tender, while its skin is still slightly crispy for that gratifying crunch. Being cooked with peanuts gives the dish a mild nutty quality that goes well with the duck, and are even tasty on their own.

3. Pan-Fried Scallop Minced Chicken With Citron Salsa

Stuffed scallops with minced chicken make for a sweet combination that gets taken up a notch thanks to a tangy salsa that coats each morsel. The salsa gives off a minor bitterness, that bears resemblance to marmalade, to really give this dish a surprise hit on the palate.

4. Deep Fried Prawn With Hawthorn Sauce Topped With Osmanthus

The nostalgic candy most of us grew up eating (haw flakes) is reimagined into a mildly sweet sauce that complements the dish's tasty crunchy prawns. Sweet and savoury, you get the best of both worlds with this course.

5. Fried Rice With Sesame Oil, Diced Chicken & Chopped Young Ginger

Aromatic with a gentle earthy smell, thanks to the sliced mushrooms present, this carb-must-have before dessert has subtle flavours that come together rather amusingly.

Umami from the mushrooms, sweetness from the chicken and faint spiciness from the ginger results in a hearthy end to the savoury portion of the meal.

6. Nian Gou & Sweetened Chilled Pumpkin Cream With Black Glutinous Rice & Ice Cream

The 10-course meal ends on a high note with a two-parter: chewy nian gou with shredded coconut and chilled pumpkin cream with the works. 

Both manage to hit that sweet spot, quite literally, by not being overly nor lacking in the sugar department. The nian gou, tasty, chewy and not as sticky as you would imagine, is a good contrast to its cool counterpart, thanks to the pumpkin cream's pleasant flavour combination.

Five Sen5es offers three set menus for a table of 10, starting from RM1,888 to RM2,288

For reservations and more information, please contact Westin Dining at 03 27738338, email or visit


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