Modern Malaysian restaurant Li plays with familiar classics to delightful results.

Located in Damansara Jaya next to Atria mall, the contemporary eatery blends an undeniable love for Malaysian food with modern cafe culture to refreshing results. A welcoming addition to the food scene, Li is the neighbourhood eatery you never knew you needed to visit, and is a must for those looking for exciting new creations to gratify their taste buds.

1. Housemade Fizz and Sourdough with Sous Vide Kaya

Made entirely in-house, the crisp and crunchy sourdough bread pairs extremely well with the creamy and smooth kaya. The kaya itself isn't too sweet, while a spread of salted butter helps to add depth and flavour. Wash down this modern take on a coffee shop classic with Li's housemade dragonfruit fizz, a refreshingly tart beverage made for our tropical weather. Should kaya not be your spread of choice, rosella jam or soft boiled egg with soy are familiar alternatives.

2. Pork Toast

A signature at the restaurant and best shared, Li's pork toast is sinfully satisfying. Fried bread topped with a layer of minced pork, chilli mayo and herbs is what you get, with each crunchy bite delightfully flavourful. Those not keen on fried or oily foods should take heed that having more than a slice may find it slightly overwhelming on the plate, hence our suggestion to share.

3. House Signature Bowl

Another winner for the restaurant, grilled chicken thigh, soft egg, chilli mayo, ginger, scallion and cucumber come together on a bed of rice for a modern take on a comfort food near and dear to us – the humble rice bowl. Slight heat from the chilli mayo adds depth while the egg and pickled cucumber work in unison to create a unique flavour profile. Juicy chunks of grilled chicken rounds out this dish, making for a hearty treat.

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4. Braised Pork Belly

A familiar favourite for those partial to Chinese cuisine, Li's version is served with deep fried croquette-like potatoes and charred lettuce. Fatty caramalised pork gives you the full-flavoured taste you desire, especially when taken with a provided soft egg, while the wonderful slightly smoky charred lettuce freshens the palate with a cool crunch in between.

5. Lychee Bowl

If you've ever had a bowl of canned lychee growing up as a kid and wondered what a grown up version would be like, this would be it. Simple, tasty and with a sourish tinge, thanks to some lime and meringue pieces, this childhood inspired dessert definitely plays to your inner Malaysian kid.

6. Li (strength)

This modern Malaysian eatery stays true to its culinary roots all while giving diners fresh news ways to try familiar dishes. If unfamiliar, all the better, as would-be diners will get the chance to discover an array of flavours beloved my many in the country. A large Chinese character can be seen at the back wall of the restaurant, denoting the restaurant's namesake and reflecting the strong food culture so obviously shared by the restaurant's crew.

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