The Australian chef talks about whipping up a relaxed yet luxurious dining experience diners will remember long after the meal is over

Dining well is indeed a privilege, although the avid diner would be quick to affirm that today’s idea of a refined meal is no longer confined to the elaborate trappings of fine dining conventions. It is, in fact, all about the quality experience—the kind of gastronomic encounter a seasoned professional like V-Dining’s new executive chef John-Paul Fiechtner is well skilled to deliver.

Even more impressive is how he is able to achieve this with an equal focus on comforting flavours and innovative techniques. It helps that the restaurant is powered by V-Zug’s state-of-the-art kitchen equipment—to boot, this is the Swiss premium home appliances brand’s first-ever casual fine dining restaurant, which debuted last year.

“Working with such a forward-thinking brand inspires me to be more innovative,” shared Fiechtner, who pointed out how long-drawn processes like fermenting garlic are significantly reduced using the brand’s popular combi-steam cookers and steam ovens.

Fiechtner is also a firm believer in crafting luxurious and artistic dishes from humble ingredients. Dishes like a serving of braised taro​, which is first boiled in dashi, then dried and deep-fried, and shaved to create crisp and delicate textures. The dish is served with braising stock, pickled onion buds, crisp dried onion skin and green powder made from kitchen trimmings.

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Above Watch chef John-Paul Fiechtner expound on his culinary inspirations using V-Zug appliances in the video above:

Speaking of minimising waste, the chef takes pride in utilising the mud crab’s flesh, shell, tomalley and coral in a dish that pairs the sweet flesh of the crustacean (covered in raw zucchini flower and glazed with tomato and dashi “honey”) with spiced yuzu-kosho sour cream and pickled rhubarb, and garnished with salmon roe, celeriac and caper powder. On the side, cherry tomatoes warmed in crab oil (made using crab shells) and combined with fresh raspberries and fennel flowers offer a refreshing counterpoint.

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Ultimately, though, his goal is simple: to ensure a memorable meal in a relaxed setting. “I want to offer our guests the opportunity to just be themselves,” he said. “They should feel comfortable identifying what they find delicious and familiar in each dish. It’s very personal and different for every guest,” he adds, asserting how important it is that diners “have fun”.

The prime view of the island’s shopping district helps set the mood, while insights into the restaurant’s unpretentiously sophisticated concept is best enjoyed via its seven-course tasting menu.

Click here for details on the menu at V-Dining by V-Zug and to make a reservation.

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