An innovative food trend borne out of movement restrictions, DIY kits save you the trouble of standing in supermarket queues while cutting down on meal prep

To compensate for not being able to serve customers onsite, sister restaurants Skillet@163 and Beta KL have devised a regular to-go menu and, more interestingly, something else dubbed a DIY Menu.

A fun experience for Malaysians to unravel, especially now that at-home entertainment is very much welcome, Skillet X Beta's DIY kits puts your plating skills to the test. Simply assemble the individually packed ingredients to prepare a memorable meal.

Here are our takeaways after taking Skillet X Beta's DIY Kit for a spin:


  • Saves time & lives: Less time spent in long supermarkets queues equate to smaller chances of contracting the coronavirus.
  • Ease of assembly: Every single dish on Skillet x Beta's DIY Menu has its own video tutorial, which the proprietors will WhatsApp to you based on your order.
  • Freshness: The individually wrapped ingredients were in peak condition despite having traveled from KL's Golden Triangle.
  • Flavour: Food deliveries will fix certain cravings, but some dishes travel better than others. For example: Pasta, a time-sensitive carb, is best served seconds after being boiled. Hence the beauty of cooking certain components in your own kitchen.
  • Human touch: The handwritten notes and tags on Skillet x Beta's DIY Kits add a touch of warmth to their service, which is much appreciated since contact with the outside world is stunted.


  • Small kinks: The instructional videos failed to mention one or two optional ingredients, which left us scratching our heads for a while.

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Preparing everything from scratch often takes longer than the actual meal time. Wouldn't you rather spend more time at the dining table, enjoying the company of your loved ones?

— Chef Raymond Tham

Other Alternatives

The South American grill was one of the first to come up with its own brand of DIY kits dubbed MealBoxes. Ingredients can be uncooked or cooked; opt for the former to knock some ringgits off your price tag. Char Line's 5 meal boxes so far—Cherry Tomato Linguine with Wild Rocket; Pan Seared Snapper Nicoise Salad; Crab & Cream Cheese Tortellini Soy butter Sauce; Eggplant & Tofu Rice Bowl; Pan Seared Duck Breast with orange and glazed carrots—include a smattering of meat-free options. Order here.

If you're a big fan of fresh pasta, look no further than Little People for your daily dose of carbs. Each bright and cheerful 'quarantine starter pack' includes a single portion of fresh pasta and an accompanying sauce (tomato, pesto or carbonara). We like the fact that you can level up your dish with add-ons like Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, flower crab meat, and duck bacon. Order here.

So many meals can come out of Nourish's quarantine kit, and in endless permutations. Peanut butter sandwiches? Check. Scrambled eggs? Check. French toast? Check. Soup with a side salad? Check. Plus, a sturdy and washable tote bag for measured trips to the supermarket. DM the café on Instagram to get yours.

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