The House of Engkanto.

Something new is coming your way in the now hip and trendy Poblacion area!

Last night, the Engkanto team officially opened their bar, named Polilya. 

Polilya, which means moth in both Spanish and Tagalog, pays homage to Engkanto beer (its logo is an ornate moth), and is also quite representative of Ian Paradies' (the man behind Engkanto, and our Gen T 2017 lister) Spanish- Filipino background.

The interiors of the space are relaxed, eclectic, tropical and retro, with touches of Hispanic and Asian influences. Warm tones like browns, greens and violets are the main stays of the colour palette, giving the bar a warm, homey and welcoming ambience. Polilya's furniture is a varied mixture of shapes, sizes and styles, making the interiors whimsical and unique. 

Throughout Polilya a constant motif is Engkanto, from the interiors, drinks, to the food. Every last detail is so thoughtful!

Beer bottles are used as light fixtures over the bar, all of which catch the purple neon light from the “Have You Figured Out What You Want Yet?” sign hanging on the wall. Polilya’s floor has a vibrant and colourful jagged pattern which matches their funky lampshades, and breathes energy into the space. 

The bar and ceilings are painted with tropical leaves (you’ll even find the signature Engkanto moth buzzing about the ceiling paintings, which are all hand painted), while real fresh plants also decorate the space.

The bar of course serves all of your favourite Engkanto beers, along with signature beer cocktails, and some original classics. Worry not, you will definitely not go hungry as the (oh so tasty) international bar chow is created by Chef Luis De Terry. 80% of the food and desserts are made with, yes, Engkanto beer! From beer battered fish and chips, Hainanese chicken nuggets, gambas, nachos, fried jalapenos, burgers, to a great apple pie -- there is something delicious to quench your cravings!

The opening of Engkanto brewery and Polilya is a dream come true for the team. The love and dedication involved with both endeavors make the brands stand out all the more. Congratulations to Ian, Sandra and Nina Paradies, and the entire Engkanto team!

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