Plant-based protein alternatives have come a long way and even appear as the star of a menu. Keep to your New Year’s resolutions with these delicious, chef-approved dishes

If the new year for you means opting for a healthier lifestyle, why not give plant-based diet a go? Don't worry, you don't need to slave away in the kitchen preparing your meals; there are a lot of options in the dining scene, ranging from the usual Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat to lesser-known options such as the fishless fish & chips. 

1. Lime Restaurant

With more people eating healthier, Lime Restaurant at Parkroyal Collection Pickering has expanded its plant-based menu with offerings that include fishless fish and chips. The fishless fish is the perfect vegan option—the main ingredients are soy proteins, yeast extract and organic cane sugar, which means it is lower in calories, fats and saturated fats. Presented as fillets, the mock meat is first seasoned with sea salt, onion and garlic powder before it is deep-fried to achieve the juicy and fork-tender texture similar to real fish, but sans the fishiness.

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2. Vineyard

More than anyone else, Derrick Ow, the executive chef of Vineyard at HortPark, understands the need to eat well. He has suffered from gout attacks since age 16—until he was introduced to a plant-based diet. The menu at Vineyard showcases his love for alternative meats with healthy and tasty dishes such as the Beyond Meatballs al forno, which he prepares in the same way as he would with regular meatballs al forno. The alternative meat, which is created with the same ingredients as Beyond Sausage, is first blended with a mix of homemade herbs and spice, formed into balls and deep-fried to retain their shape. These are then bathed in a rich and tangy tomato sauce and baked with vegan mozzarella cheese for an extremely indulgent finish. The dish is topped with wild rocket for an extra nutty bite.

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3. Grand Hyatt Singapore

As part of its sustainability journey, Grand Hyatt Singapore is offering plant-based meat alternative dishes across its dining outlets. Take the all-day dining poolside restaurant Oasis, for instance, which has Beyond Sausage on its menu. Lucas Glanville, the hotel’s director of culinary operations, affirms that the plant-based sausage “has the same mouthfeel and texture as real sausage”. It is also healthier as it is made primarily from peas and rice proteins, and does not contain highly-processed soy, GMOs and additives. “We didn’t want to create a dish that overshadows the flavours of Beyond Sausage,” explains Glanville. The chef simply pops the sausage on the grill to bring out its juicy flavours. It is sandwiched between homemade dairy buns and accented with dill pickled radish, crispy onions and whole-grain mustard.

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4. Three Buns

“Sustainability is in our DNA,” says Adam Penney, the group executive chef of Three Buns, under the Potato Head group. So it was only natural for the burger joint to expand its offerings to include more sustainable options. Under the burger section, you have Can You Dig It, which comprises an Impossible meat patty, created with soy, potato protein and the magic ingredient “heme”, which is responsible for its meaty flavour. “We treat them like normal patties,” explains Penney, which means the alternative meat is lightly seasoned with Himalayan salt and seared on the grill. The patty is stacked with Yeti cashew camembert cheese, which gives the burger a delicious creaminess that is offset by slightly nutty notes. Truffled aioli, ketchup, heritage tomato, lettuce and pickles are added into the ensemble before the ingredients are embraced by toasted demi brioche buns.

Three Buns | 60 Robertson Quay, S(238252) | 6909 7838 |

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5. Botany

The mapo tofu is a staple dish in most Sichuan restaurants, but at healthy restaurant Botany, the culinary team has given it a modern reworking by replacing the regular ground pork or beef with Impossible meat. The cooking method remains the same in the sense that it is cooked with the likes of silken tofu, fermented tofu sauce as well as loads of chillies to give it a fiery kick.

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