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Curious about those mouth-watering dishes we see from our favourite cartoons and animated films? Craving for a taste? We've created a list—and recipes—just for you to recreate them once and for all!

Some movie dishes, drinks, and snacks—be it from classic cartoon shows or animated features—just look too delectable to stay on screen. If you’re someone who wishes that you could taste these fictional dishes, then you’ve lucked out. We've listed down some of the most appetising meals and included their recipes for you to recreate at home!

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Chocolate Cake in Mr Bean (2002)

Our stomachs have hurt from laughing at Mr Bean's childish wit on the telly and ached for the chocolate cake he nabbed from Mrs Wicket's kitchen. Mrs Wicket makes a mean cake—much like her character. A year ago, a Twitter user recreated the decadent chocolate cake and posted it on her feed for all to see and crave.

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Beignets From Princess and the Frog (2009)

Disney's Princess and the Frog also showcases the rich culture of New Orleans, including some crave worthy food—which Princess Tiana evidently knows well. That scene showing Tiana serving beignets to her best friend Charlotte and her father was enough to tempt us all.  

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Dumplings In Kung Fu Panda (2008)

When Master Shifu served bowls of dumplings in front of Po—which ended up as an intense skill test—most of us were rooting for Po to win and get a bite of that juicy dumpling. We may also admit that it made us hungry; those dumplings looked perfectly plump and delicious.

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Krabby Patty From Spongebob Squarepants (1999)

Taking even just a single bite of a Krabby Patty would help many of us understand why the vegan burger is a staple in Bikini Bottom. While we may never know the secret formula to this popular cartoon burger, it won't stop us from cooking one up at home.

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Ratatouille in Ratatouille (2007)

Ratatouille itself is a film about food and glorious French cuisine. In it you will see an array of appetising dishes, from perfect scrambled eggs to Remy's signature ratatouille. The dishes on screen might have been fictitiously crafted, but they look so good you can almost taste them in real life. The French vegetable dish is a classic that you need to try! Although it's impossible to relish Remy's exact movie meals, we can always look to chefs who do make their best versions.

Try making your own ratatouille with this recipe.

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Congee In Mulan (1998)

Mushu's congee in Mulan sounds delightful, whether it's your first day of training or if you just want a delicious bowl of comfort food. Who can resist the smiley face on that congee, too? Made with Mushu's love, and filled with scrumptious ingredients, this breakfast porridge has to be on your must-taste list. Many have tried making their own congee after the Disney movie, all while recreating the same happy face. Why not give it a go yourself?

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Sandwich From Adventure Time (2010)

There are many famous foods in Adventure Time like Jake's bacon pancakes and Prismo's homemade artisanal pickles. But Jake's favourite has to be the perfect sandwich—the kind that's so appetising, it floats and glows just after it was made. A few fans of the show have tried making their version of the snack, and we won't blame them for their curiosity. 

Try making your own perfect sandwich with this recipe.