The next time you're craving meat, a hearty barbecue feast will satisfy that desire and then some. To scratch that itch, we have eight restaurants that although serve barbecue, aren't necessarily limited to just ribs.

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Beard Brothers' BBQ

This family style barbecue restaurant over at Tropicana Avenue promises a wholesome feast best enjoyed with your hands. Pork-free, the restaurant's signatures include beef brisket, barbecued chicken, lamb shoulder and more, all made to please the eyes and the palate.

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Straight from Ebisu, Tokyo, to Isetan The Japan Store, Toraji serves Japanese yakiniku (grilled meats) and Korean influenced sides. Expect to have premium cuts of beef cooked the traditional way alongside Korean staples such as ginseng chicken porridge and hot and spicy ‘yukkejang’ noodles soup. 

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Aqua, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

The Argentinians know a thing or two when it comes to beef and barbecue, a feat that's celebrated at Aqua restaurant and bar every Saturday evening at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. Cooked by a true blue Argentinian chef, expect a delicious all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of smoked meats cooked to perfection.

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The Burnin' Pit

Although a relative newcomer to the scene, The Burnin' Pit has been winning over barbecue lovers with it's no-fuss honest-to-goodness Texan style food. Popular for their beef brisket and ribs, lamb and sausages, the restaurant also has a drinking space on the second floor to complete your dinner experience.

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BBQ Thai 

Our neighbours to the north are also tremendously gifted at the grill and BBQ Thai lives up to that claim with mouth-watering grilled meats. With a down-to-earth setting and an extensive menu that specialises in seafood and pork, make sure to pair your order with cool Thai beer for a winning combination. As an added bonus, the restaurant also serves classic Thai street food as well.

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3Geori Butchers

Korean barbecue has proven to been extremely popular with no signs of slowing down, with 3Geori arriving to the scene to with an insane attention to detail when it comes to their cooking methods. Using the highest quality meats, the barbecue joint cures their four premium pork cuts in cypress pine, creates special sauces to be paired with their pork and even cures their selection of beef. Now, that's something.

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Shin Nihon

Yet another yakiniku restaurant from Tokyo, Shin Nihon specialises in everything related to beef. Go from beef tartare to beef sushi for starters before moving on to wagyu beef cutlet and your favourite cuts of the cow. If you're looking for carbs to pair with your meal, we hear that the garlic stone bowl rice or pickled plum rice options make a great choice.

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Old Tricycle

We're sure you've had yong tau foo at least once in your life but have you ever had barbecued yong tau foo? With plenty of local dishes to mix and match with, as well as a DIY barbecue pit to cook your yong tau foo, this literal back alley restaurant in Taman Desa is definitely worth a shot. Just look out for the large mural of the man with the old tricycle.