Cover OnlyEg prepared sunny side up

Singapore-based food tech Float Foods aims to commercialise its alternative egg come 2022, after being awarded a support grant from Temasek Foundation

It seems like the future of food is plant-based substitutes with the rise of alternative meat brands in the dining scene, including Impossible Meat, Beyond Meat, OmniPork, and, most recently, alternative protein Tindle.

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to add OnlyEg, the homegrown food tech start-up Float Foods’ plant-based whole egg substitute to the list as the company announced it has received a project development grant from Temasek Foundation.

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What is OnlyEg and how is it different from other brands? OnlyEg is a plant-based whole liquid egg that is made with legumes-based substitutes. It closely resembles a real chicken egg too that comes with an egg yolk and egg white, unlike other alternatives which come in liquid form and are limited in preparation to scrambled eggs and omelettes.

In terms of health benefits, it’s packed with many proteins and vitamins as a whole chicken egg that makes it compatible with all diets and cuisines. In addition, it has a longer shelf life and can be cooked in a variety of ways from soft-boiled egg, sunny side up to omelettes.

With support of the Temasek Foundation, Float Foods chief executive officer Vinita Choolani affirmed that their ultimate goal is to “maximise OnlyEg’s potential to the best of our capabilities and commercialise the same by 2022”. She added: “On a macro-level, we aim to contribute to our country's ambition for a sustainable food ecosystem that can be witnessed by Singapore's future food plan.”

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