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Save time and stay home with these grocery delivery services operating during lockdown

*Availability of delivery slots, hours and costs may vary during the NRP, so be sure to check the respective sites and apps for these details

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HappyFresh Malaysia

Best for: Trained personal shoppers who can select alternative items on your shopping list based on availability and freshness. For fresh vegetables, fruits, meat or seafood, the HappyFresh app will display an average weighted product price, though you'll be charged the actual weight of the products selected for you by the HappyFresh shopper.

Delivery hours: 10am - 10pm daily 

Tatler tip: While some HappyFresh deliveries can be fulfilled within as quick as an hour, depending on your location, the proximity of stores near your delivery address and other factors, delivery dates may only be available within two to three days, especially during the NRP. Be sure to plan ahead!        

Visit to start ordering.

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Best for: A user-friendly and fast mobile shopping experience that lets shoppers browse a variety of fresh seafood and meat, frozen and chilled goods, pantry supplies and more by rural farmers, traders and vendors seamlessly. Check out Jocom's 'Live Streaming Sales' page for flash deals on premium meats, seafood and even durians regularly.      

Delivery hours: Within 24 hours of placing an order

Visit or download the app on Google Play or the App Store to start ordering. 

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Best for: A variety of fresh produce, household essentials as well as pet care items, kitchenware, barbecue oven dinners and bulk buys. 

Delivery hours: 9am - 9pm daily 

Visit to start ordering. 

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Best for: Fresh produce, frozen items, dairy, canned goods and baby care items for next-day delivery. (Take note that deliveries aren't available on Sundays and public holidays.)       

Delivery hours: 2pm - 8pm, Monday to Saturday 

Visit to start ordering. 

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Best for: Organic foods from a unique selection of brands as well as hard-to-get gourmet meats and ingredients like Meltique Beef, Galbani Parmigiano Regiano cheese, Tatua creme fraiche, Olitalia Pomace olive oil and more.   

Delivery days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (dry goods delivery); Monday to Saturday (frozen food deliveries); Hours may vary  

Visit to start ordering. 

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Best for: Household essentials, a variety of groceries and bulk orders with free delivery in the Klang Valley. Potboy offers a selection of frozen foods, but not fresh produce, meat and seafood at the moment.    

Delivery days: Monday to Saturday, hours may vary 

Visit to start ordering. 

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BIGBox Asia

Best for: A wide variety of local and imported items and the cost-saving benefits of BIGBox Asia's in-house fleet of delivery trucks and riders. Although BIGBox Asia offers nationwide delivery of dry goods, delivery of chilled and frozen goods is currently limited to the Klang Valley only. 

Delivery days: Daily; hours may vary     

Visit to start ordering. 

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Best for: A variety of sustainably-sourced fresh produce, frozen goods, baked products, health and beauty products as well as alcohol. RedTick also offers delivery of office supplies and electrical accessories.   

Delivery hours: 9am - 9pm daily      

Visit to start ordering. 

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Best for: Groceries and ingredients imported from India, from spices and curry powders to flours, pickles and more items from specialty stores in Brickfields' Little India, Kuala Lumpur. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also available on the app. 

Delivery Hours: Subject to various stores' operating hours 

Tip: Cash on delivery is currently the main payment option, though a few of the partner stores may allow for bank transfers. In-app credit card and online banking payments will soon be implemented on Minimart.

Visit to start ordering. 

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