Cover "You first." Food podcaster Loh Yi Jun and Tatler dining editor Samantha Lim take on chicken ovaries at Toritama

Cochin or chicken ovaries yakitori at Toritama is the focus of the first video in a three-part web series on recommended offal dishes in Malaysia

Supported by Volvo Malaysia, the Offal-ly Good series takes a step for food sustainability by reducing the squeamishness surrounding offals; normalising its appearance in media; and proving that they have a place on our plates.

'Nose-to-tail' dining has long been the norm in Asia—even before the term was coined or became trendy—but the growth of the middle classes has allowed room for pickiness or avoidance. Some shun offals to disassociate themselves from 'poor man's food' whereas others simply lack the exposure and have yet to develop a taste for it.

Join me as I treat guest stars to a plethora of offals at three restaurants representing different price points: street food, casual eats and fine dining. 

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About Loh Yi Jun

Recognised as one of Malaysia's 30 Tastemakers 2021 for his positive contributions to food media, Loh's huge fount of knowledge makes him the ideal sparring partner in episode one of Offal-ly Good. He is just as able to enjoy the moment as he is to fixate on the finer points of what he's eating.

Learn more about Loh by visiting his food blog Jun & Tonic, listening to his food podcast Take A Bao, and reading his op-ed about the role of auditory food stories.

About Toritama

A Tokyo export that opened its first and only outlet in Malaysia in October 2016, Toritama takes its yakitori most seriously. As is the case with authentic yakitori joints, most every part of the chicken appears on the menu. It takes a true master chef to know how to bring out the best in poultry, and different cuts receive specialised attention and treatment. Yakitori is one of the oldest examples of nose-to-tail dining and an art form of its own.

Toritama | Publika Dutamas, D3-G3-1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur | +603-6211 0306 | Order delivery via Beepit

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