Cover A respectful moment of silence for the arrival of the food at Mandarin Grill

Animella or sweetbreads at Mandarin Grill is the focus of the second video in a three-part web series on recommended offal dishes in Malaysia

Supported by Volvo Malaysia, the Offal-ly Good series takes a step for food sustainability by reducing the squeamishness surrounding offals; normalising its appearance in media; and proving that they have a place on our plates.

'Nose-to-tail' dining has long been the norm in Asia—even before the term was coined or became trendy—but the growth of the middle classes has allowed room for pickiness or avoidance. Some shun offals to disassociate themselves from 'poor man's food' whereas others simply lack the exposure and have yet to develop a taste for it.

Join me as I treat guest stars to a plethora of offals at three restaurants representing different price points: street food, casual eats and fine dining.

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About Rebekah Yeoh

A bona fide foodie, Rebekah Yeoh can be found planning her next omakase meal when she's not crunching numbers as corporate finance director of YTL Corporation, practising philanthropy via the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community or supporting sustainable fashion by way of the Recyclothes Group. In addition to being named a Malaysian fashionista to watch, she has also been crowned one of Malaysia's Most Eligible Ladies, but sorry, lads—the lass is taken now.

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About Mandarin Grill

A gourmet sanctuary in the Golden Triangle, one of the busiest parts of Kuala Lumpur, Mandarin Grill is quiet enough to hear oneself think, and certainly to listen to what Chef Luigi Stinga's fine Italian cuisine has to say. Whether it's the deconstructed Tiramisu, which speaks for Stinga's desire to stand out, or his sweetbreads basted in butter, these aren't copy-and-paste creations you'll find elsewhere in town. While the chef is willing to put what he calls "pure parts" or offals on Mandarin Grill's menu, convincing customers to try something besides foie gras is a different story, but new discoveries await the intrepid diner.

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