Cover Tommy Ooi and Samantha Sowerby take the term 'street food' literally in this episode

Pork noodles piled high with innards is the focus of the final video in a three-part web series on recommended offal dishes in Malaysia

Supported by Volvo Malaysia, the Offal-ly Good series takes a step for food sustainability by reducing the squeamishness surrounding offals; normalising its appearance in media; and proving that they have a place on our plates.

'Nose-to-tail' dining has long been the norm in Asia—even before the term was coined or became trendy—but the growth of the middle classes has allowed room for pickiness or avoidance. Some shun offals to disassociate themselves from 'poor man's food' whereas others simply lack the exposure and have yet to develop a taste for it.

Join me as I treat guest stars to a plethora of offals at three restaurants representing different price points: street food, casual eats and fine dining.

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About Tommy Ooi

From the far-flung corners of Tibet to the historic heart of Frankfurt, Tommy Ooi's travels to 45 countries have been put on hold in light of you-know-what. Nevertheless, nothing will dampen the destination blogger's sense of adventure, especially when it comes to food and drink. Perhaps being born in Penang has given Ooi a more discerning palate than most; he isn't one to turn his nose up at offals when he knows of their intrinsic goodness. Check out Ooi's blog for indispensable travel-related tips.

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About Mui Chea Pork Noodles

No list of 'the best pork noodles in KL' is complete without Mui Chea Pork Noodles, a humble stall located in The Yum Me Place (previously known as Restoran Shangri-La), Plaza Batai. Simply known as Uncle Hing to his regulars, Hu Kah Hing cuts a friendly figure in the community; no matter how busy it gets in the kopitiam or how many steaming bowls of noodles he has to ladle, Hing is always courteous to his customers.

You can't go wrong with any of the noodles from here: Hing's 'special bowl' comes chock full of pork parts and innards, but also sees the surprising addition of seafood. "Bursting Fuzhou fishballs, prawns or squid make the soup taste even greater," enthuses the chef, who also offers dry udon noodles—considered a rarity as far as pork noodle stalls go.

Mui Chea Pork Noodles | The Yum Me Place, Plaza Batai, Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

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