Cover Created by plant-based chef Amy Elkhoury, aged plant-based cheese, Nuteese is made from activated and fermented nuts (Photo: Nuteese)

Created by plant-based chef Amy Elkhoury, aged plant-based cheese, Nuteese is made from activated and fermented nuts

Armed with passion and creativity, plant-based chef and conscious foodie, Amy Elkhoury developed Nuteese, a unique line of aged plant-based cheese made from activated and fermented nuts. Working in whole plant-based nutrition, yoga and animal rescue, Elkhoury has often heard from people that they couldn’t let go of dairy cheeses as plant-based options just “don’t cut it” when it comes to texture and taste. 

Elkhoury hopes that through Nuteese—the first of its kind in Hong Kong—she can help contribute to a better, healthier planet without compromising on the taste or quality.

What makes Nuteese different is that the ageing process is done in specialised cellars for 21 days. This allows the texture to develop and flavours to intensify, making her creation a real treat for the conscious gourmet or those with dietary restrictions. It’s made from all-natural ingredients, without preservatives or additives. Even better, it’s dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan.

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“I am excited to call Nuteese a dairy-free alternative for the compassionate gourmet,” Elkhoury says to Tatler Hong Kong. “There’s a story behind each product that I create and I get excited about offering these products that are equally delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly.”

Nuteese has a range of flavours available including Truffle Hunter, an artisanal cheese made from activated and cultured cashew, seasoned with generous shavings of black truffle and spices that are all vegan. Another favourite is Cam Meets Brie is a blend of camembert and brie made from the same traditional way as its French namesake, aged for 15 days to achieve the perfect mild taste and creamy texture.

There’s also Peace in the Middle East, which is made from activated fermented cashew nuts and seasoned with Zaatar. Other flavours include Coeur de figures and Tuscan Sun. You can order Nuteese through their website or at their shop at Treehouse, Pottinger Street in Central.

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