South Korean ramen chain Aori Ramen comes to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur with its first ever outlet, giving Malaysians the opportunity to indulge in a bowl of satisfyingly flavour rich noodles.

Popular South Korean ramen chain (yes, you read that right) Aori Ramen comes to Kuala Lumpur for the first time. Opened by Lee Seungri of K-Pop superstar group Big Bang, the restaurant recently launched at the sixth floor of Pavilion KL.

Aori's signature bowl uses a tonkotsu broth made of pork bones and special thin 1.1mm Hoso noodles, providing a creamy and rich soup that pairs well with a light, springy and al dente ramen, resulting in a gratifying bowl. Barbecued marinated chashu, crunchy leek and bamboo shoot, roasted seaweed and an onsen egg serve as the supporting cast to the main stars, doing a great job and rounding out the flavour profile and adding depth to the overall package.

Unlike other ramen restaurants that offer a variety of choices, the restaurant's menu is tight and focused, offering only two versions of their ramen, lite or the standard version with the works. Other items include additional toppings, such as Korean leek kimchi or beansprouts, to beef up your ramen experience. If you're really hungry, the restaurant has another signature – tamago kake gohan, which is essentially rice with minced pork, egg and soy sauce, to fill you up.

Aori Ramen is relatively young, opening its first shop in 2016 in Cheongdam-dong, South Korea, and has since expanded to 35 branches around the world – 31 in South Korea, 3 in China, 1 in Vietnam and now in Malaysia. Those hoping to get a taste outside of Kuala Lumpur will have hope, as the restaurant plans to bring their noodles to other parts of the country in due time.

For more information, visit the restaurant's Facebook or Instagram page. Alternatively, email them at or give them a ring at 03 2110 1700.

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