Taste Florence in the heart of Soho, as Black Sheep Restaurants expands their culinary empire

Fresh off of a string of latest hits - Chôm Chôm, Ho Lee Fook, and Burger Circus, to name a few – Black Sheep Restaurants have just launched Stazione Novella with a soft opening.

The group, known for producing unique, spot-on restaurant concepts, used the fiaschetterias of Florence as inspiration for the new spot. Situated a stone’s throw away from cultural hub PMQ, it offers casual, all-day Italian fare.

Stazione Novella will take coffee seriously – espresso drinks are prepared on a La Marzocco machine. The wine list offers exclusively Italian pours, with a focus on Tuscan sources. One classic Italian cocktail now on the menu is Sgroppino al Limone – a blend of limoncello or lemon sorbet and prosecco. Imported Italian ingredients are used to prepare a selection of traditional Italian fare – expect to see fresh panini, bruschette, and a selection of charcuterie on the menu.

Decorated with 19th century Italian finishes, Stazione Novella sports floor-to-ceiling windows that open to the street. An authentic Seiko clock hangs on Stazione Novella’s walls – set five minutes ahead to poke fun at Florence’s unpunctual nature!

Stazione Novella, 52-56 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2559 0559