Promotion: Feb 9 2021 - Feb 21 2022

The donburi specialist is launching a variety of new choices to its lunch menu

Hokkaidon is presenting a new lunch menu, offering people’s favourites and jet-fresh new options. The restaurant’s new lunch donburi options include sea urchin, salmon roe and diced sashimi don; seafood mini don duo (prawn tempura don and Matsuba crabmeat, baby scallop and salmon roe don); hot mini don duo (eel don and abalone and cctopus don); and an assorted sashimi don featuring yellowtail, red sea bream with spring onion, tuna, salmon and seared mackerel. Signature don such as the tuna trio don and the Hokkai trio don are still available.

Each lunch set is paired with a daily appetiser and miso soup and is available from 11:30am-2:30pm Monday to Friday, except public holidays.