If you've been bitten by the baking bug during the partial lockdown, consider tackling these recipes

If you have spent the last four weeks perfecting the black art of homemade sourdough, and you still have some flour left, there are plenty of other recipes you can try with Hector, the first name that French-born, UK-based celebrity baker Richard Bertinet has given to his sourdough starter.

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Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy that wonderfully moist texture and slightly tangy taste in a morning slice of brioche? Your sourdough starter offers the perfect solution with no need for the substandard baking yeast that people so often use. Now all you have to do is find the right ratio of flour and sugar.

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To feed a sourdough starter, every day you have to replace part of its weight with fresh flour and water. The question is what to do with the gooey dough that you have removed from the starter, which is perfectly fine for baking. One idea is to include it in a preparation for crumpets, small English British griddle cakes that are a real treat for breakfast. Similarly, it can also be put to good use in pancakes, Moroccan baghrirs, blinis and French crepes.

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When the lockdown began, French baker Philippe Conticini revealed the secret of perfectly textured waffles, which are like a childhood dream come true. Once again, it is sourdough that makes biting into a Liège waffle a unique experience. Just think of what a hot waffle iron does to all of those carefully cultivated bacteria.

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Cake or Cookies

Yes, you can even make a cake with a little homemade sourdough, or with the excess dough that you had to replace when refreshing your starter. Nothing is lost, everything can be put to good use. Fermentation specialist Marie-Claire Frédéric, the author of the blog Nicrunicuit.com, recommends a rule of thumb for choosing a recipe well suited to your dough: use liquid dough in gooey recipes and thicker dough for firmer textures.

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Burger Buns

As you have probably concluded by now, sourdough can be used in virtually any baking project involving a raising agent. So it comes as no surprise that it can also contribute a beautiful dome shape to homemade burger buns. If you want to add an extra tang to the taste, consider mixing in a little buttermilk.

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