In celebration of Mother's Day, three local chefs and a recipe developer share some of the values they've learned from their mums

Mother knows best! From age-old recipes to table etiquette, these lessons from mum have proven to be timeless and priceless. 

As an homage to their mothers, these leading food figures dish on what they've learned from their mums that have helped shape them into the culinary maestros they are today.

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Davina Goh, vegan recipe developer

"No matter how tried-and-tested a recipe is, my mother always feels it out as she goes along. To have her food come out consistently amazing without any handbook shows me that the agak-agak’ approach is just as reliable, if not more reliable, as one with strict methods and measurements. As a recipe developer, it is imperative to note down every single step and every single gram of ingredient. I do get frustrated during the times that I casually make food for myself or friends and it turns out perfect, and wished I had taken notes! At the same time, I acknowledge that occasionally going with the flow is what creates moments of beauty and there is fun to be had in that too. It’s like that with life in general, isn’t it? Sometimes no plan is the best plan."

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Heng Kit, co-founder and chef of LI Restaurant

"It sounds super cliché, but my mum taught me to pay attention to details, always tasting the dish and putting that extra 'love' into each dish. This lesson has carried over to my cooking professionally; the finer details are what make or break dish, and that has helped me in becoming the best chef that I can be. Not only when it comes to creating new dishes but also when I work with the team to offer the best experience to our customers."

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Aidan Low, head chef of Akâr Dining

"My mother wasn’t really much of a cook when I was growing up. We would normally eat out but on special celebrations she would cook us a good Western dinner. It's usually fish & chips, steak and fries, salads and soups. They might sound simple but for me, those moments were special. For a busy family to be able to sit down together and catch up over a meal was something I'd always cherished. I guess my appreciation for food manifested then. I like how food brings people together. And it’s still my motto today, recreating those moments for people."

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Jack Weldie, chef of Chipta11a

"Cook from your heart. I truly believe simple dishes can taste so good because I had tasted the simple meals my mom prepared and they were all cooked with a lot of heart in them. So now I do this all the time. Thank you for all the good memories, mummy!"


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