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Nothing says comfort like a scoop, swirl, or tower of ice cream - step outside of your comfort zone and try out these inventive ice cream flavours, which you can taste from shops around the world or make yourself at home.

Ice cream will forever be reminiscent of our childhoods. When you've had a rough day or a long week, we often turn to this delicious source of comfort, finding solace in flavours that we grew up with, be it classic vanilla, decadent rocky road, or silky salted caramel.

However, there is a world of unique, mind-blowing ice cream flavours waiting to be scooped and swirled. No, we don't mean red bean or durian - we're talking about the likes of lobster, coriander, and other riveting creations. Read on to challenge your preconceptions of this beloved dessert and discover flavours from around the world and where to get them or how you can make them at home.

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Appropriately founded in Maine’s Bar Harbor, Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium blends chunks of buttery lobster into their vanilla ice cream - which seems to be a hit among those who’ve tried it. 

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Not to be confused with the cute (albeit, unwieldy) oyster-shaped wafers, this ice cream is actually, truly oyster-flavoured. Served within an oyster shell atop an ice-filled martini glass, Alfredo Russo’s briny signature dish is an inventive way to kick off a multi-course meal. As unique as it is, oyster ice cream actually dates back to the early 1800s. Russo has served this creation on many occasions and pop-ups, but you can try your hand at making it yourself by following this guide.

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Red Wine

After you’ve enjoyed a perfect char-grilled steak and a beautiful bottle of cabernet to match, why not round out your evening with more red wine - this time, in a scoopable format? There are heaps of recipes on the web to guide you through making your own, including this red wine ice cream, and this sangria sorbet.

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Foie Gras

Although this luxe flavour was previously sold by brands like OddFellows and Humphry Slocombe, this inventive (and controversial) ice cream iteration is pretty rare to come by nowadays. If this variant piques your curiosity, there are a couple of recipes for it online, including this foie gras ice cream served atop a piece of sears foie gras and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.


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In collaboration with ice cream brand Coolhaus, the popular yellow mustard brand French’s churned out pints of ice cream in their best-selling classic condiment. While this is no longer available for sale, the brand has shared an easy-to-follow, no-churn recipe on their website.

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Digreen Macau has some pretty incredible products, like pastel de nata (Portugese custard tarts) filled with boba and ice cream mooncakes. Among their selection of soft-serve ice creams, you’ll discover a flavour that celebrates a polarising herb - cilantro.

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Squid Ink

Black soft serves have grown to become quite mainstream. However, it may be best to exercise some caution when you next spot a frozen swirl of the same colour - you may think it’s charcoal or black sesame, but squid ink ice cream is also making the rounds. Often a much deeper, pitch-black colour, this flavour can be found around South Korea thanks to ice creamery Masiwa (which also serves them in cute squid-shaped wafers), or throughout Hakodate, Japan - a city in the Hokkaido prefecture renowned for its seafood, squid included.

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Mac and Cheese

If you were anywhere on the Internet over the past week, chances are you’ve heard about Van Leeuwen’s latest release: a limited-edition Kraft macaroni and cheese ice cream. Since its release on the 14th of July, the divisive flavour has inspired impassioned posts and reaction videos all over the web and is sadly now sold out online. Thankfully, cheese ice cream remains a common and well-loved treat in the Philippines.

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Crocodile Egg

The flavours at the Davao Crocodile Park aren’t unusual per se - the ice creams feature crocodile eggs instead of regular chicken eggs, which allegedly contributes a richer flavour and fuller mouthfeel due to its higher yolk-to-white ratio. 

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Sebastian Joe’s may have been established in the 80s, but their flavours are far from outdated. Head to this popular Minneapolis ice cream shop and try out their roasted garlic almond chip ice cream.

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