The restaurant group’s second Chinese establishment expands its scope of Chinese food, inspired by the spice route

Following the success of Mott 32, Maximal Concepts is set to launch John Anthony, the group’s second Chinese restaurant, at Lee Garden Three. Tentatively opening on September 21, John Anthony takes up a handsome 7,000 square foot space in the basement of the newly opened arcade in Causeway Bay. The restaurant is inspired by the spice route journeys that joined the Far East and the West by way of trade. 

The new Chinese restaurant makes a conscious effort on championing sustainability in all aspects of their operations. The back bar drapery is indigo-dyed with natural pigments, while upcycled plastic and paper are made into coasters and menus to stay eco-friendly. The establishment also stays energy conscious by using energy-efficient light bulbs affixed to reclaimed metal and bamboo fixtures in its décor. 

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Maximal Concepts’ group executive chef Lee Man-Sing and the establishment’s executive chef Saito Chau have teamed up to create a menu that spans a diverse blend of dishes from around China, ranging from Shandong province to Hunan and Sichuan, with dim sum and Chinese charcoal-grilled meats as its strengths. Three custom-built barbeque ovens inspired by ancient tandoor ovens from South West China have been installed in the kitchen, with a number of signature charsiu cooked on the flat-bed barbecue. Notable signatures include Iberico presa pork charsiu, Australian wagyu beef fillet charsiu with shredded scallions, and grass-fed Black Angus beef short rib charsiu served on the bone. Guests can also sample slow-cooked lamb shoulder with cumin dry rub prepared on the top load barbeque oven, as well as John Anthony’s celebrated Cantonese goose, roasted on the kettle barbecue and served with dark roasted plum sauce and home pickled cucumbers.


Barbecued meats aside, guests can also sample and share the establishment’s vast range of dishes such as razor clams with white vinegar and pickled peppercorn, slow-cooked wagyu beef cheeks with cold watermelon and chilli sauce, as well as regional favourites with the likes of stir-fried leopard coral garoupa with salted fish, peppercorn oil and dried fish chilli, as well as smoked duck eggs topped with Manchurian roe and huadiao wines, paired best with creations from the mixology team. Notable cocktails include gin and tonics prepared with gins stored in 12-litre gin tubes, placed at the bar as its centrepiece. The tubes hold gins infused with spices and botanicals found along the spice routes, which will be shaken and stirred into signature G&Ts as well as cocktails blended with cordials made with fruit rinds.

John Anthony opens for lunch and dinner on September 21st. Reservations for dinner are available via email.

John Anthony, Shop B01-B10, Basement One, Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay; +852 3105 3668

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