Mouthwatering treats from The Mandarin Cake Shop at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur can now be ordered online

Recommended Products

Cakes: A best-seller that often sells out before the end of the day, the Chocolate Obsession is 1 whole kilogram's worth of chocolate decadence. The cheesecakes too, are massively popular; the New York Cheesecake crowned with berries is a classic choice whereas Chef Wan’s Durian Cheesecake Cake contains none other than the best Musang King strain. Cakes are priced at upwards of RM128.
Pastries & Chocolate Snack Bars: Resembling bijoux pieces of jewellery, The Mandarin Cake Shop's pastries range from the Pink Lady to the Pandan Coconut. Two types of snack bars—spiced almond cake, peanut crunch and raspberry jelly encased in milk chocolate and walnut brownie, cocoa nib gianduja and salted caramel coated in Semai dark chocolate—can also be added to your shopping cart. For all their resemblance to mini Mars bars, these handcrafted treats taste much more luxurious. Mix and match 6 of the above and pay RM58 in total.

Chocolate Tablets: Like chocolate currency for purchasing happiness, these round tablets are available in 4 flavours: crunchy dark chocolate with nuts, creamy and zesty milk chocolate with mixed peel, tangy white chocolate raspberry, and lightly salted dark chocolate with popcorn. Each bonbon tin costs RM28.

Mandarin Chocolate Bars: Reflective of Chef Antony Hoyle's advocacy of bean-to-bar practices, these travel-friendly treats incorporate single-origin Malaysian cacao, and were concocted using dark, milk and white chocolate—try one or take all three! Each bar costs RM28.

The Candy Man

Everything you see on the Online Gourmet Shop and in The Mandarin Cake Shop has the mark of Antony Hoyle, executive pastry chef and trained chocolatier.

Hoyle, whose chocolate mooncakes were a best-seller earlier this year, is highly selective about cacao quality, and prefers to use Malaysian cocoa in his confectionary.

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Delivery Details

  • Door-to-door delivery is available with a minimum spend of RM150 for RM35 nett. Orders exceeding RM500 are entitled to free delivery.
  • Delivery hours are from 10am-5pm.
  • Direct pick-up from The Mandarin Cake Shop is between 9am-8pm.


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