Chef Ricky Thein of Lai Po Heen restaurant was chosen by CNN to recommend his favourite market in KL.

Chef Ricky Thein of Lai Po Heen restaurant, Mandarin Oriental, gives away his favourite place to find top grade Chinese ingredients.

Selected by the chef due to its availability of rare and fresh Chinese herbs, Keen Hing Enterprise is Thein's top choice when it comes to purchasing quality ingredients such as dried oysters, scallops and sea cucumber. 

Chef-Ricky-Thein1.jpg (original size)Chef Ricky Thein | Photo: Courtesy of Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Thein is one of the top chefs chosen by CNN to reveal Asia's best fresh markets, with the Chinese chef representing Kuala Lumpur.

He praises Malaysian markets as the destination where all communities come together and develop strong cultural bonds that make our country unique.

Our neighbours in Singapore, represented by Chef Liu Ching Hai of Summer Palace, chose the Chinatown Wet Market as his go to place while Jarrett Wrisley of Soul Food Mahanakorn in Bangkok chose Or Tor Kor Market, one of the best in the Thai capital.

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