Cover Photo: Courtesy of Chako

The restaurant offers a refined selection of yakitori along with an array of aburi oshi sushi

Following the success of their many Asian restaurants (such as Qi: House of Sichuan, Qi: Nine Dragons, Alvin Leung’s Bib N Hops, and Peking duck restaurant Forbidden Duck), Liberty Group’s new yakitori restaurant Chako opens in Wan Chai.

The new Japanese restaurant features an expansive selection of charcoal-grilled meats and vegetables as well as a range of grilled aburi oshi sushi, or flame-grilled sushi. Chako uses bincho-tan, the fuel of choice among chefs that is celebrated for its clean, almost smokeless burn. Taking the helm of Chako's kitchen is chef Takeshi Suzuki, a native of Wakayama, where bincho-tan was invented. Suzuki previously developed Pirata's Honjo and TMK before leading the team at Chako.
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Chako delights yakitori lovers with servings of grilled chicken parts, from skin, neck, and tsukune mince, or minced chicken patty, to pork belly and seasonal seafood and vegetables. Aside from yakitori offerings, Chako presents a range of aburi oshi sushi, or char-grilled sushi, that is traditionally prepared with fish varieties that boast a higher fat content. Grilling the fish helps release its oils, adding richness and an unctuous feel on the palate. Chako's aburi sushi selection covers both nigiri (one piece per serving) and sushi (four pieces for sharing), which notably include A5 wagyu beef and sea urchin with black salt nigiri and mackerel with yuzu miso aburi oshi sushi.

The trend for high end sushi restaurants continues unabated in Hong Kong, and while previously aburi sushi was comparatively a bastardised genre and diminishing fad, thanks to new restaurants such as Chako we may see a resurgence of flame-torched sushi.

Chako, 2/F, J Senses, 18 Ship Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong; +852 3590 2465