Cover Langit Collective's Taste of Travel - A Libur Indonesia Food Kit consists of distinctive Indonesian tastes (Photo: Unsplash)

A collaboration with Food Foundry’s The SekFan Club, The Taste Of Travel - Indonesia Meal Kit contains a selection of distinctive Indonesian flavours

Due to the pandemic, epicureans have found it difficult to experience different flavours from around the world. Travel restrictions have limited their access to popular food destinations.

Local social enterprise The Langit Collective and Food Foundry’s The SekFan Club, however, have come up with the next best thing. They’ve come together to create the Taste of Travel – A Libur Indonesia Food Kit, which allows diners to enjoy authentic Indonesian flavours without needing a passport.

The kit contains a curated selection of well-known Indonesian dishes, which can be easily stored and prepared at home.

“Indonesia is a very vibrant country with a variety of culture and flavours," notes Melisa Lim, co-founder of Langit Collective. "We believe that many Malaysians would have this country as one of their first travel destinations as it's easily accessible. When it comes to food, their tastes and textures are something they are not too foreign to us, and easily acceptable."

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“Bali is my favourite place to visit as the food is always stellar, whether at a warung or a high end restaurant," chimes in Jenifer Kuah of The SekFan Club. "I first had the ayam pelalah and nasi liwet at a hotel in Jakarta, and still remember their tastes to this day. There are so many regional dishes in Indonesia which really reminded me why I love to travel."

The idea for the kit came to Kuah about 15 months into the pandemic. As the mother of a 14-year-old, she would regularly cook meals in big batches for her family, and freeze them for later consumption. This method, however, means having many of the same meals for weeks.

“I wished there were some restaurant quality classic dishes which I could keep frozen, which would then add an inexpensive variety to my meals. This would also mean less trips to the supermarket,” Kuah says.

As luck would have it, she had a catch-up session with Langit Collective. They agreed to collaborate, and the kit was born.

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“For us, it’s a timely collaboration to explore. We aim to help home chefs running out of ideas of what to cook, foodies looking for new and different ways to experience food, and people who were longing for travel. We wanted to address these wants, with a theme surrounding travel, through an easy to make, restaurant-quality meal,” says Lim.

Their pre-cooked kit, suitable for 3-4 pax, contains:

1. Two packets of Nasi Liwet (400g)

This is Langit’s Beras Salleh cooked with coconut milk, scented with lemongrass and salam leaves

2. One packet of Javanese Opor Chicken (700g)

A mild delicate curry chicken, fragrant with a blend of spices including galangal and candlenuts

3. One packet of Balinese Pelalah Chicken (300g)

A traditional Balinese dish of shredded chicken tossed with a spice paste

Kuah adds that they focused on dishes that were less common in Malaysia, such as opor and pelalah. The SekFan Club also plans to roll out Thai and Vietnamese food kits in the future. All dishes will be made to pair with Langit Rice.

“We hope that the Libur Indonesia food kit gives everyone out there a moment to break away from their daily kitchen routine and have a little travel escapism. There’s much we can achieve through simple food, done well. We also hope to be a part of the little joys that keep your spirits high during these challenging times,” says Lim.

The Taste of Travel – A Libur Indonesia Food Kit is available on Beepit.

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