One of the world's largest travel guide publishers recently released their "ultimate foodie guide to the world", with a local favourite scoring exceptionally high on their list. Now, this is something we can all be proud of this Merdeka month.

The humble curry laksa ubiquitous across Kuala Lumpur has been named the second best food experience in the world on Lonely Planet's Ultimate Eatlist, edging out 498 other dishes of a grand total of 500 entries.

According to CNN, the travel guide book publisher enlisted the help of famous chefs the likes of television star Andrew Zimmern, Spanish-American chef José Andrés, Spanish chef Elena Arzak and French chef, author and television personality Eric Ripert.

Curry laksa now joins assam laksa as one of the world's best foods, which was acknowledged by CNN and now deceased famous TV star Anthony Bourdain

To see what else made it to the top 10, keep on scrolling.


#1 – Pintxos In San Sebastián, Spain

One of the best culinary stops in Spain, San Sebastián takes the top rank for having the best food experience in the world, according to Lonely Planet. Pintxos, deliciously small bite sized foods eaten in bars, taverns and so forth, take the gold medal.

#3 –Sushi In Tokyo, Japan

It's no surprise that sushi ranks high on Lonely Planet's list. In a city and country with the some of the most Michelin starred restaurants in the world no less.

#4 –Beef Brisket In Texas, USA

This is one you just have to enjoy with your hands, ideally on a hot summer's day with a cool drink in hand.

#5 – Som Tum In Bangkok, Thailand

Our neighbouring country, famous for their cuisine, also get's a top spot on the list. The classic som tum (papaya salad), a spicy sour treat, takes the fifth spot.

#6 – Smørrebrød In Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish also contributes one of their staples to the list, smørrebrød is an open faced sandwich that typically uses toasted and buttered rye broad.

#7 – Crayfish In Kaikoura, New Zealand

Kaikoura in New Zealand is famously known as the crayfish capital, a shellfish also known as"rock lobster" internationally. It's often considered a beachside barbecue must.

#8 – Bibimbap In Seoul, South Korea

The healthy and delicious South Korean staple bibimbap, which means mixed with assorted vegetables and meats, takes number 8.

#9 – Pizza Margherita In Naples, Italy

One of the greatest culinary contributions to the world, the classic pizza margherita tops the list. And when you have it in the city of where it hails from, now that's just perfect.

#10 – Dim Sum In Hong Kong

We'd have been upset if this didn't make top 10. The "tapas" of the orient, dim sum has a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

For the full list, visit Lonely Planet's official website.

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