Cover Braised chicken rice. Photo: Ko Ko Kai

Thigh, breast or wing? Learn to carve up your own precooked chicken, which feeds families of up to seven pax

Ko Ko Kai by Loob Holding Sdn Bhd, also the parent company of TeaLive, llaollao and Gindaco, specialises in chicken rice, an all-time favourite that many are happy to enjoy every single day. "Today we've expanded to 6 locations," enthused Bryan Loo, CEO of Loob Holding.

Ko Ko Kai's outlets include Malaysia's one and only chicken rice drive-through in Mutiara Damansara.

Some might chicken out when faced with the messy task of carving up a whole bird, but Ko Ko Kai's Chop-It-Yourself Ipoh Chicken Rice Kit turns the task into a fun undertaking. Simply arm yourself with a sharp cleaver / knife and a chopping board before referring to Ko Ko Kai's straightforward instructions on Instagram. Starting with the thighs, work your way through the rest of the bird like a Michelin star chicken rice chef.

Contents of DIY Ipoh Chicken Rice Kit

  • 1 whole steamed or braised chicken
  • 5 portions of classic Ipoh chicken rice
  • 5 braised eggs
  • Ko Ko Kai's special soy sauce
  • Homemade chili garlic sauce
  • Chicken broth

How To Order

Send a Direct Message / DM to @mykokokai on Instagram.

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