Cover Ikura Charcoal Sponge with Wasabi Cream (Photo: Kikubari)

Kikubari flies the flag for plant-based and pescatarian dishes without completely cutting out the carnivorous delights

Jewels of intensely orange ikura atop spongey scaffolding, miso-laced tofu masquerading as cheese, and pointy spears of baby corn bathed in togarashi butter—these are some of the pescatarian and vegetarian bites that await you at Kikubari. In a city where special diets aren't taken all that seriously, it's nice to note that Kikubari can and will cater to dietary restrictions—within reason, of course. It also goes without saying that advance notice is appreciated.

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We're trying to be sustainable both as a business and environmentally.

Incidentally, head chef Jun Wong isn't just pandering to the public's whims. An advocate of the 'less meat' movement, the tricenarian states, "We're trying to be sustainable both as a business and environmentally."

While some scratch their heads over what Kikubari's tagline—'progressive Japanese restaurant'—means, we have deduced this much: the forward-thinking eatery is considering future generations from a sustainable standpoint.

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Not ready to forsake all kinds of meat yet? Neither are we. If your diet stretches to include Neptune's bounty, 90 per cent of Kikubari's menu is yours to explore.

A strong perilla dressing senselessly steals the show from the scallop sashimi, but the Ebi Katsu Sando still holds the throne as Kikubari's best sandwich (trust us, we've tried them all).

Tiger’s milk, a marinade we first encountered during a collaboration between Ceviche Tono and Horizon Grill, stars in one of Wong's seafood dishes. A confluence of Japanese and Peruvian flavours, the ceviche swims in a creamy base of coconut milk. The pleasure we derive from this dish is akin to the joy of slurping cold cendol on a balmy afternoon. We compliment the chef, whose Nikkei dish is a breathtaking canvas of colours. "Thank you! I simply love it," gushes Wong. "Not just because of how it looks, but also because of the depth and layers. Every bite gives you something different, but when you taste everything together there is this cohesiveness."

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TATLER TIP: If you count yourself a member of the uni fan club, don't go without ordering the only sea urchin dish on Kikubari's latest menu: the Bafan Uni on a Nori biscuit (RM60 each).