Asia Tatler Dining talks to Claudio Sadler, guest chef at Angelini this week

In part two of our Italian Cuisine World Summit series, we have a chat with chef Claudio Sadler, who will be the guest chef at Angelini in the Kowloon Shangri-La. Sadler is no stranger to Asia as he not only has his eponymous Ristorante Sadler in Milan, but also one in Beijing. Sadler will also be conducting a cooking masterclass at Angelini on November 6 from 10.30am-12.30pm.

Asia Tatler Dining: How did you get started as a chef?

Claudio Sadler: Since I was a little child, I always have been watching my family –my mamma and relatives cook and make fresh pastas for family reunions. I used to help them and I liked it, I decided to be a chef when I was 15, then there you have it.

ATD: What is your culinary philosophy?

CS: Modern and contemporary. People change, lifestyles change and so should cuisine. But never be avant-garde: I do not prefer circus-like chemical performances on a table. I like to make people satisfied, not agitated.

ATD: Why do you think Italian cuisine is so popular abroad, especially in Asia?

CS: The two cuisines have a lot in common, we both use long pastas; we love vegetables; Asians love concentrated flavour and so do we. Also, I think we both just have a good palate.

ATD: Are you excited about working in Hong Kong? How has your experience of Italian food in Hong Kong been?

CS: Oh, I love Hong Kong, it’s the city of change – moving forward all the time with a lot of energy. Personally, I’d like to try more beautiful Chinese foods in Hong Kong, but I have found many good Italian restaurants with many genuine Italian chefs here. You all are lucky that you always can taste good modern Italian in Hong Kong.

ATD: What seasonal ingredients will be featured in your dishes you’re preparing at Angelini?

CS: White truffle of Alba, absolutely! Funghi porcini are in season too, but my all-time favorite is artichoke.