Cover Here's where you can order a Korean style cake in Hong Kong (Photo: Courtesy of Fifty Cake)

Easy on the eyes, and even easier on the taste buds, we list out the best Instagram bakeries that sell the trendy Korean cakes

The Korean Wave isn’t stopping anytime soon. The world’s enthusiasm with all things related to Korean culture has brought the introduction of new experiences and restaurants including the latest Airbnb’s “Inside K-pop” digital festival; the opening of OBP, Hong Kong’s newest Korean bar opened by the team behind 11 Westside; and most recently, the influx of aesthetically pleasing, minimalistic Korean cakes on Instagram. 

While there are no set rules to what these Korean cakes should look or taste like, all of them share similar appearances—decorated with vibrant, multi-coloured buttercream frosting, using either complementary, pastel colours or deliberately clashing colour pairings for a more dramatic flair. If you’re looking for a picture-perfect cake for your next celebration, we list out the best Instagram cake shops in Hong Kong that specialise in the ever-popular Korean cakes.

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1. @65.cakes

Whether you’re after a more personalised cake design with your favourite cartoon character drawn on top, or if you want adorable cartoon versions of you and your loved one plastered on the cake, 65.cakes does it all.

For cake flavours, choose from Hokkaido milk, chocolate, coffee, earl grey, matcha or lemon flavour. Cake pick-ups are available at several locations at specified time slots daily, or arrange for GoGoVan delivery for an extra cost. 

Discover more at @65.cakes

2. @mysweetarthk

Opened since 2014, My Sweet Art does some of the best cake designs in Hong Kong. Putting in hours of effort in shaping, designing and moulding fondant to recreate your beloved objects and characters (there’s even a Rolex cake), the shop has recently stepped into the world of Korean cakes as well.

With years of experience in professional baking, there’s no doubt that their Korean cakes are just as beautiful and delicious. 

Discover more at @mysweetarthk


A rare Instagram cake shop that has their own website, prices and details are listed out online, taking away the stress of having to Whatsapp store owners for details when you’re deciding between stores.

Offering more cream and cheesecake based flavours, take your pick from strawberry cheese cream, earl grey & caramel cheese cream, tiramisu, chocolate cream, oolong cheese cream, pistachio cream, and a two-flavoured tiara cake with earl grey and caramel, tiramisu or oolong. 

Discover more at

4. @fiftycake

Boldly promising to only make classy cakes, Fifty Cake specialises in buttercream chiffon cakes, pastries and sweets. Their newest cake offering, named “Abbey”, are monochrome pastel cakes with dramatic cream frosting piped around the edges of the cylinder shape.

While we usually associate cakes with bright colours, Fifty Cakes offer a unique monochrome light grey cake that would be perfect for that one friend who seems to only own black clothes in their closet. 

Discover more at

5. @kreamy.cakery

A newcomer to the Instagram cake scene, @kreamy.cakery may not have that many photos on their Instagram feed, but their intricately designed cakes make it clear that they’ve been baking cakes for a while. For the romantic in your life, order the ones with lots of rose detailing, and get ready to watch them swoon over the cake when it’s time for the grand reveal. 

Discover more at @kreamy.cakery

6. @allthingsgood.dessert

Ultra minimalists will love this Instagram bakery. While @allthingsgood.dessert does a wide range of cakes, their minimalistic buttercream cakes with tidy paint stroke-esque designs are clearly having its moment right now.

The shop currently has over 7,000 followers, and dates are booked out 1-2 months in advance, so be sure to message them ahead of time with your order. 

Discover more @allthingsgood.dessert

7. @anlala.cake

For louder designs and colour schemes, @anlala.cake has got the formula down to a science. We love their bright citrus-coloured floral cake made with vanilla cream chiffon, or their many vintage cake designs which usually features a pastel cake base, roses and lots of icing. 

Discover more at @anlala.cake

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