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These days, self-care has never felt more necessary. These delicious products make clean eating convenient and accessible, so you can take a step towards your holistic wellbeing

The stresses posed by COVID-19 lurking about are mentally fatiguing. You’re not alone - we’re all going through it. The anxieties of having to balance everyday responsibilities and stay on track with our health goals are put to the test by cyclical curfews and lockdowns, forcing us to consistently adapt and readjust.

With added stress and limited physical movement, looking after ourselves has never felt more tiresome - but it has also never been more important. Preparing meals that are delicious and nutritious suddenly seem more burdensome rather than fun. Instead, we often turn to sugary foods, creating a dangerous cycle: these highly addictive foods also cause energy dips that impede our ability to function at work, as a parent, or even during basic exercise. How do we find a balance and how can make eating clean easier? Meet, Innosense. 

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That is the problem that Dr Kaycee Reyes endeavours to solve. At the launch of her newest food brand Innosense, Kaycee spoke passionately about preventative medicine, reiterating Hippocrates’ aphorism: let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food. She illuminated how clean eating mitigates silent inflammation in the body - an underlying factor in acne, skin diseases, and chronic diseases like heart disease and hypertension. But she recognises how demanding it can be: ingredients are often expensive and hard to find, preparation can be time-consuming, and foods marketed as “healthy” are often unappetising.

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With Innosense, an online grocer, you will find wholesome, delicious, and easy-prep products for every meal. Better yet, the entire range is locally made, certified organic, and FDA approved.

For breakfast and snack-time try their artisanal granola which is loaded with oats, almonds, cranberries, and seeds, perfectly toasted to invite a nuttier profile. Lightly drizzled with their Palawan-sourced wild honey, it’s the ideal pantry staple for those who love granola’s texture and flavour, without the excessive sugars.

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Dr Kaycee also explains that we need to introduce children to healthy eating early to establish a lasting habit. To better appeal to children, she created comforting organic classics like grass-fed beef tapa, gluten-free chicken nuggets, and cauliflower rice too. 

Upon reviewing the top fifteen superfoods, she noticed that turkey was the only meat product on the list - a lean but flavourful meat which happens to be underrepresented in the Philippine market. The Innosense turkey balls make a great substitute in misua, spaghetti and meatballs, or a lighter sub, while the juicy turkey patties need only the classic burger fix-ins to make a hearty meal.

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Time and time again we hear that fruits and veggies are important parts of our daily diet, and its true. So make sure to take a look at Innosense's fresh fruit and vegetable juice blends, made the day of delivery, each suited to different needs. They also offer organic chicken and turkey broths which are great alternatives to the pricey collagen broths while still boasting nutritional benefits. In fact, bone broths are great for cooking or as dietary meal replacements. 

Inspired by the purity and innocence of children, Innosense hopes to make holistic wellness accessible and convenient for Filipinos while ensuring each time is delicious too; something we all need in a time where health is of utmost importance. Innosense is now available through Grab Mart, Shopee, MetroMart, and their website.

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