Promotion: Jul 7 - Dec 30 2021

New chef Karl Steele channels his creativity and passion into the new menu at Hugo’s

Hugo's newly appointed chef Karl Steele channels his creativity and reminisces of his childhood in the latest menu. Focusing on classic European recipes and taking inspiration from his childhood in the south of England, Steel explores his rooted passion for natural flavours and fresh produce.

Among the new cold dishes is the king crab salad with a crustacean dressing. The fresh and umami-rich flavour of this dish signals the start of the summer months. It is served with elevated homemade British crumpets, which are crispy golden brown on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside.

As for hot appetisers, one of the dishes to choose from is European blue mussels. The deshelled mussels are cooked in a white wine broth, root vegetable and topped with a brown butter mousseline. It is a simple looking dish with a taste of complexity, featuring the classic French recipe of mussels and white wine. 

Highlights of the menu include vineyard raised French chicken and grilled Iberico pork loin. The chicken is sourced from a small farm in Bourgueil, a region in central France where chickens flourish between vines and forests. Its preparation is inspired by the traditional French recipe “Coq au Vin”, and is composed of seared chicken breast and red wine braised chicken leg, garnished with pearl onion, bacon, mushrooms, glazed carrots and served with a whipped potato mash. The grilled Iberico pork loin is inspired by the classic Waldorf salad concept, combining freshness, crispiness, crunchiness and sweetness. It is served with a fresh and summery celeriac, grapes, walnut, apple salad and finished with a pickled mustard seed jus.