Originating from Guangzhou, famous food and wine connoisseur Howard Cai’s first restaurant outside of China makes a grand entrance in Hong Kong

Located at the CCB Tower in Central, Howard’s Gourmet is the first dining establishment outside of China for Guangzhou-based food and drink aficionado Howard Cai, who started “Howard’s Gourmet Workshop” in 2005. As the first restaurant outside of China for Cai, the new Chinese restaurant is currently soft-open with a tentative grand-opening date set for early December.

Howard’s Gourmet runs along the same philosophy as its eponymous owner, who has a strong interest in and passion for Chinese cuisine, where ingredients always come first. Such is the key for Cai to develop scientific ways to maintain high standards in the dishes served at his restaurant. Some of the dishes served at Howard’s Gourmet include:

- Crispy sea cucumber
- Giant conch in soup
- Hot and sour noodles
- Avocado with stewed bird’s nest

Howard’s Gourmet is soft open now and set for a grand opening date tentatively in early December.

Howard’s Gourmet, 5/F CCB Tower, 3 Connaught Road Central, Central; +852 2115-3388

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