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Journey through the world’s cuisines and indulge in the art of dining at K11 Musea, Hong Kong's Silicon Valley of Culture, where distinctive culinary experiences abound

The new K11 Musea at Victoria Dockside prides itself on being all about art—and that includes the art of gastronomy. Across the cultural and retail destination, more than 65 dining experiences provide visitors with different ways to indulge their gastronomic fantasies, whether that’s savouring the city’s rich dining heritage, sharing new experiences over original culinary concepts, or travelling the world through global cuisines.

Creativity, culture and innovation are the pillars for which K11 Musea stands—and the dining options reflect them, with restaurants and eateries that nod to heritage and tradition, that celebrate the artistic and artisanal nature of the culinary world, that offer novel twists or inventive new concepts, and that pioneer culinary experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. All this, and more, awaits at K11 Musea.


Many of K11 Musea’s dining offerings take inspiration from the heritage of Hong Kong and its cuisine. Mr Ming’s Chinese Dining is based on the eponymous fictional art collector and poetry lover, and the space is adorned with his choice of Chinese art and his coin collection. Meanwhile, Mr Ming’s personal favourites and passed-down recipes populate the menu alongside his curation of boutique wines.

Then, there’s Yung’s Bistro, renowned roast goose restaurant Yung Kee’s first venture since 1942. Offering a twist on its classic Cantonese cuisine, the bistro has been envisioned especially for K11 Musea and promises nostalgic recipes that are bound to evoke childhood memories in those who dine.

Other restaurants hark back to institutions of a Hong Kong long gone. Take Ginza, a Japanese eatery that first opened in 1981 in the New World Centre, which previously occupied the site of K11 Musea. A glamorous Kowloon destination in the 1980s, this new incarnation takes diners back in time, while allowing for an exploration of Japanese culinary heritage. Similarly, Tirpse reveals Japan’s culinary traditions to diners. The French-Japanese eatery was originally established in Tokyo in 2015 and was awarded its first Michelin star in record time.


Art and artisanship can both be found at K11 Musea. At Lilium by Gitone, founded by acclaimed local artist Terence Lee and his wife, Clara Chong, diners can enjoy art—aside from beautifully prepared food, dishes are presented in hand-made ceramics and glassware – and exercise their own creativity as they eat with experiences such as Clay and Cake where pottery making meets afternoon tea.

Meanwhile, at Artisan Lounge, while an all-day afternoon tea experience may appeal, it’s the executive lunch menu that allows artisanship to shine, with a carefully prepared barbecued Iberico pork from the Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy’s acclaimed Fan Guan restaurant that is accompanied by eggs sourced straight from a local farm.


A host of overall dining experiences stand out at K11 Musea. Tominokoji Yamagoshi is a Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant whose roots lie in the cuisine of Kyoto. With just 15 seats, any meal at this exclusive establishment is intimate and personal and always one to remember. IE Sushi & Teppanyaki is similarly remarkable. Teppanyaki and kaiseki menus are prepared by chef Ryuji Tameshima who, with more than 30 years’ experience, ensures a dinner here always delivers.


Millennials are known for their wanderlust and, as such, will love YumMee, which delivers noodle-based delights from across Asia, allowing diners to revisit some of the staple dishes they have devoured and adored on travels across the region, whether those are lobster seafood prawn noodles from Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok’s boat noodles, or king crab soy sauce ramen from Kyoto.

With this myriad of dining options available to discover and savour, K11 Musea is ripe for your next culinary adventure.

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