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Our editors love tuning into these podcasts to learn about food from different angles

Podcasts are not just for commutes, they are also the ideal sidekick for cooking at home or doing chores around the house. These podcasts are entertaining, educational and provide a sense of escapism, taking us anywhere from the dense jungles of Colombia, to behind the scenes of your favourite chef’s kitchen. Whether you prefer to get into the historical and scientific side of food, or hear people’s food stories or simply want to learn new cooking techniques, there is a podcast for everyone.


Food history and culture


In this podcast, co-hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley look at specific foods through the lens of history and science, bringing their listeners from country to country and visiting everything from labs to archeological digs to uncover some of food’s hidden stories.

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After America’s Test Kitchen went on hiatus, host Bridget Lancaster started Proof, a subsidiary of America’s Test Kitchen. From tracing back the roots of obscure dishes to exploring odd food trends, Proof investigates the many mysteries hidden behind food through storytelling.

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Food. People. Stories

The Splendid Table

The Splendid Table is hosted by food journalist Francis Lam—who has won multiple James Beard awards—and explores the connection between people, food and life, whether it be an analysis of the behavioural patterns of eaters, a look into foods that are at the centre of a particular culture or a discussion on what it’s like to eat in the social media era.

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The Sporkful 

The Sporkful, which has won a James Beard Award, Webby Award and Saveur Award for Best Food Podcast, identifies itself as a podcast for eaters, not foodies. In his episodes, host Dan Pashman uses food as a way to learn more about people, whether it be how a chef got his big break, how people cope with stress-eating or why one actor chose to buy a midlife crisis fridge instead of a car.

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House of Carbs

In House of Carbs, one of the many podcasts under pop culture medium The Ringer, host and food enthusiast Joe House sits down for a discussion with a diverse range of guests, from acclaimed restaurateurs to cookbook authors to famous chefs.

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Ox Tales

The Ox Tales aired thought-provoking discussions of food-related topics. It was a byproduct of the Oxford Food Symposium, an annual event where academic leaders, food writers, chefs and more came together to talk about the current state of food.

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The Food Chain

The BBC World Service podcast explores both the cultural side and the business side of food. Episodes giving insights into everything from mental health in agriculture, the impact of plastic pollution and the work behind running a restaurant.

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Honey & Co

Much like a panel discussion, Honey & Co invites interesting personalities that work in food to speak in front of a small group of guests about their life in the culinary world. The interviewees, which include food writers, waiters, tastemakers and more, come on to discuss their personal stories with topics ranging from fermentation to the lost art of traditional baking techniques.

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A Hungry Society

A Hungry Society was created by Food writer and photographer Korsha Wilson to invite people from all walks of life to participate in a discussion about their role in the culinary universe. The Heritage Radio Network podcast covers a wide range of important topics, from diversity to social justice.

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Skills and techniques

America’s Test Kitchen

America’s Test Kitchen is the go-to source for cooking techniques, recipe testing and equipment reviews with a focus on traditional home cooking. With deep research and development as a backbone, the show has garnered a cult following—with whom it engages through a short Q&A session during each episode—and established itself as the highest-rated cooking show on public television. The podcast and show is an extension of the Cook’s Illustrated magazine.

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Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio

After departing America’s Test Kitchen which he helped build into the empire that it is today, Christopher Kimball went on to create his own show with a similar format but more global approach. Listeners can learn new recipes inspired by exotic ingredients from around the world as well as learn new cooking techniques. There is also a phone-in section where Kimball and cookbook author Sara Moulton answer their audience’s home cooking questions.

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Food news and stories

Eater’s Digest

Hosted by Eater’s editor-in-chief Amanda Kludt and producer Daniel Geneen, the podcast ensures its listeners stay up to date with all important food news and stories going on around the world at the moment.

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A little bit of everything

Bon Appetit Foodcast

The weekly food magazine’s podcast hosted by magazine editor Adam Rapoport covers a little bit of everything, including cooking techniques, food features and interviews with anyone that has something to say about food.

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