Chef-owner Jeremmy Chiam teams up with three of his chef friends to prepare a sumptuous meal before bedtime

Who needs beauty sleep when you’ve got a supper feast waiting for you at Le Binchotan? That’s right. Chef-owner Jeremmy Chiam’s much-awaited supper special, which debuted last year as a National Day tribute, is back. This time around, he’ll be cooking alongside three friends for three days a month (Thursday to Saturday, from 9.30pm until midnight), from April to June, in a series dubbed Jeremmy & Friends.

Each friend will do their own takes of their favourite late-night eats with Jeremmy, with each chef preparing one big plate and one small plate. Starting the series right is ArChan Chan, executive chef of Level33, who’ll take over from April 25 to 27.

She’s set to awaken your palates, first with the grilled shishito peppers and fermented leeks that are finished with a sprinkle of hopped salt, then with truly comforting stir-fried clams with X.O. sauce made from scratch using dried scallops and jamon. The mantou buns on the side will come in handy when you want to soak in all the goodness from the bowl down to the last drop.

Level33 has also crafted a light and refreshing yuzu beer which will only be served for the whole duration of the event.

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From May 9 to 11, it will be chef Sam Chablani of the now-defunct Fat Lulu’s turn in the kitchen. He’ll make full use of the binchotan grill to dish out a glorious #noburnnotaste platter comprising juicy and succulent slow-grilled chicken wings and Sam’s phu quoc pork ribs inspired by one of his gourmet trips to Vietnam—all finished with just the right amount of smokiness. 

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Last but not least is veteran chef and Masterchef Singapore judge Damian D’Silva of Folklore, who’ll be presenting his signature eats from June 6 to 8. Don’t miss his steamed fish, which has been expertly filleted and marinated in his homemade tau cheo, as well as his light and tangy pork belly with cucumber salsa. 

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Not to be outdone, Jeremmy puts his best supper dishes forward, too—the likes of prawn noodle soup simmered for four hours with pork bones and prawns; comforting congee awash with a housemade scallop broth and topped with a meltingly tender uni; and the all-time local favourite Hokkien mee which actually inaugurated the first supper club.

The Jeremmy & Friends supper special programme is held once every weekend of April, May and June. Click here to book your tickets now.