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Get creative serving up these pre-packed sets that are sure to make your next meal a guaranteed flavoursome experience, not to mention a breeze to put together

The story was updated on May 13, 2020

With the circuit breaker extended until June 1, many of us are looking for ways to mealtime a fun and delicious affair. If that includes preparing your next home feast, with help from your favourite chefs of course, then these clever meal kits that come with simple recipes and ingredients, are just what you're looking for.

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Tim’s Fine Catering

Be Your Own Chef

Chef Tim Meijers may not be able to prepare us a lavish on-site feast while the circuit breaker measures are still in place, but he has crafted a fun-filled Be Your Own Chef takeaway menu to help you create on your own.

The point is that you won't need to start from scratch, as his team has already packed the necessary ingredients for a three-course menu (which also has a vegetarian version). All you have to do is assemble it according to easy-to-follow instructions to enjoy a fine meal at home. Click here to order.

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Déliciae Catering Co

Chef at Home Gourmet Meals

We’re all in need of some good ‘ol comfort food, be it pastas or meat dishes, to help us ride out this trying time. If you can't decide where to start, a good place would be with Deliciae’s pre-prepared gourmet meals. Because one of the the best things about the menu is that there’s so much to choose from, whether you're craving hearty mains, a variety of savoury sides, oven-baked pastas, or want to complete the meal with soups and desserts.

Under pastas, you have the always-welcome lasagna, with beef or vegetables. Other popular mains include the French staple beef bourguignon, as well as moussaka and sous-vide pork knuckle. Of course, each set comes with simple instructions on how to prep it. Click here to order.   

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Popiah Platters

The idea of sharing a popiah platter with the family always sounds good, but home cooks understand how tedious the preparation process is. We say, leave it to the professionals to prep this local favourite using time-honoured techniques. Then all you have to do is roll one (or more) just the way you like it. 

The classic prawn popiah platter comes with the usual toppings of eggs, crushed peanuts, shallots and beansprouts, as well as six handmade wheat skins, fresh tiger prawns and vegetable filling. For something different, there's the option of fresh flower crab meat instead of the tiger prawns. Click here to order. 

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The Preludio Box

Chef Fernando Arévalo knows exactly how you can have a good meal at home, and he's assembled the Preludio box to help you do just that. It is filled with special ingredients to create a restaurant-quality meal, which he affirms starts with rye bread rolls dressed in a mushroom glaze and served with especially savoury onion butter.

Arevalo has also included ingredients to make pasta, together with cooking instructions, as well as a beautiful slab of Wagyu beef that has already been rubbed and roasted. The last course is reserved for the chef’s fruit and vegetable selection, aged Comté cheese and four types of tea flavours. Click here to order. 

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Recipe Kits

Get started on your cooking journey with the culinary team’s recipe kits, packed with all the ingredients you need (and an easy-to-follow the recipe card, of course) to create their signature dishes. It even comes with a side of aquaponics salad, harvested daily from their farm. The offerings are changed weekly so you may have a sea bass dish this week and an Angus flat iron steak the next. Head sommelier David Fiori has also handpicked a fine selection of wines, which you can add in to complement your meal. Click here to order. 



City Hall/ Bras Basah
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Butcher Boy

Build A Bao

Looking for a fuss-free way to sink your teeth into Butcher Boy's top-selling Buttermilk Chicken or Pork Katsu Croquette anytime you feel like one? Look no further than their easy bake and air fry-able fillets that come in multiples of six, complete with buns that you only need to pop into a steamer. Then dress them the way you like it using the accompanying housemade sauces and pickles. Complement this deliciously relaxed meal with expertly pre-mixed cocktails like a Negroni and the Holy Smokes; the latter blends coffee-infused Monkey Shoulder with chocolate and angostura. Click here for details. 

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Publico Ristorante

DIY Pasta Kits

Pasta cravings can strike any time, especially now that we're still on partial lockdown. Make sure you have Publico's pasta kits on hand, so you don't need to prepare your meal from scratch. Choose between the Rigatoni Amatriciana and Conchiglie Bolognese sets. Both are packed with pasta, housemade sauces, parmesan cheese, as well as a step-by-step guide on preparing the dish according to the chefs' specifications. Click here to order. 


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“ItaliAmò” meal kits

We all know how Italian fare is best enjoy when it’s freshly cooked, that’s why the culinary team has prepared their signature offerings into meal kits you can easily prepare at home. The pizza option comes with the restaurant’s famous slow-fermented dough, housemade sauce, buffalo mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, and add-on gourmet toppings. As for the pasta selection, it includes your choice of pasta, homemade sauce and cheese. Click here to order.


Clarke Quay/ Boat Quay
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