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Eateries that not only delight the palate but also woo Instagrammers by plant-powering their aesthetic game *This article was updated on March 23, 2021; please note that opening hours may differ during the CMCO period 

We live in an Instagram era of ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ especially when it comes to dining and café-hopping. These F&B establishments are going in the full swing of things with their aesthetically-pleasing décor showcasing a flair for plants and greenery. Move aside, raw and concrete minimalism – nature is taking root in the foodie scene with its soothing ambiances.

1. Tujoh Cafe

Located in the quiet suburbs of Petaling Jaya is this homey venue with an airy courtyard interior. Natural light meets rows of tall tropical plants lining the concrete walls and in-house trees, adding a soothing touch to the cosy parties chit-chatting over cake and coffee, for hours.

2. Transparent Coffee

With its green-centric decorations of potted plants and suspended vines, Transparent café is an institution of Instagrammers and coffee snobs. Come for coffee sourced by roaster Joey Mah of Three Little Birds fame, and sourdough bread supplied by Sour Than Ur Sourdough, and stay for the aesthetic satisfaction of indoor trees and thriving potted plants.

3. Sipping Corner by Plant & Pot Studio

One of Puchong’s best kept secrets, Sipping Corner is a hidden café located in Plant and Pot Studio florist, serving artisan coffee and homebaked cakes. Immerse yourself in the forest-like tranquility of flowers and plants over comfort fare and sip up the calm and vibrant atmosphere of this sacred corner.

4. Ilaika Select Store

One of the first plant-themed concepts to appear in the Klang Valley is this gem of a café, One Half x Ilaika Select Store in Taman Paramount. While their specialty lies in coffee and sourdough bakes, it is their profusion of lush greenery that draws all the Instagrammers to the yard.

5. Joloko

This Afro-Carribean concept straddles Kuala Lumpur’s heritage past and urban nightlife, with a clever lifestyle twist of plants in all shapes and sizes. To evoke the breezy party life, Joloko enlists the special touch of palm trees and wide-leaf ferns, resulting in a warm and welcoming ambiance true to its theme.

6. Bean Brothers

The café brand known for its rustic finishes and industrial elements has landed in Kuala Lumpur at the prime hotspot, The Linc. It retains its signature rustic edges; with bare ceilings, bulbs, wood, and steel, but with the addition of plenty of plants. This amalgamation lends its appeal as an oasis of sorts, be it for a lingering caffeine fix or as quiet spot to get work done.

7. Pokok KL

Pokok KL by Brickhouse Group doesn’t only teem with café-hoppers — it is also the home to plants of all varieties. Its floor-to-ceiling windows and glasshouse design comes hand-in-hand with a profusion of greenery, alongside other eye-catching detailing like weaved lamp shades and exposed brick walls.

8. Tiny Garden

Dubbed a "little private garden within the city," Tiny Garden café is part of a homestay catering to backpackers and holidaymakers. Food is made from scratch by the owners, a family who takes pride in their home-away-from-home values, built around a verdant indoor garden concept.

9. Little Rimba

Functioning as a neighbourhood café that’s kid-friendly and with value for money, Little Rimba doesn’t skimp on the little details, with emphasis on greenery in every corner, indoor or outdoor. Its tree-lined exterior makes for a pretty photo spot, as does the plants in-store conveniently placed for mandatory food flatlays.

Update: Although Little Rimba temporarily closed during the MCO 2.0, online orders can still be made via Foodpanda. Follow @littlerimba on social media for updates on its reopening or to place orders via WhatsApp.       

10. Dew Bangsar

The elegant sister of Bangsar’s Jaslyn Cakes first came onto the scene for serving the best of both florals and patisserie with Dew. What attracted cosy groups of sweet tooths, besides the artfully created desserts, was the thought of sitting in a floral-adorned café scented with pastry, with beautiful plants as witnesses of sugar rush. 

11. Sunday Coffee & Cakes

Unpretentiously good coffee and delicate toasts have garnered this humble café a steady stream of followers. Upon entering, you’ll unearth the pleasant surprise of strategically-placed potted plants that effectively break up the raw, rustic features throughout the establishment.

12. The Farm Foodcraft

One of Bangsar South’s newest restaurants and still undiscovered gem, The Farm Foodcraft is decked out in garlands of greens, shrubs, trees and plants that emanate a secret garden vibe. The décor echoes its farm-to-table ethos, emphasising on fresh and healthy produce that nourish the body and satiate the eyes.

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