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The French-Indian restaurant presents pleasure on a plate

Spearheaded by Chef Yogesh "Yogi" Upadhyay and Natasha Ng, French-Indian restaurant Flour unearths a breadth of gastronomical wonders this winter season. Leading a talented team of chefs including Chef Balli and Chef Alessandro, Chef Yogi interprets North Indian food with a strong French influence, as can be seen in Flour's 10-course degustation.

"I graduated from a culinary school where we learned the 17 classic French courses, so of course my food tends to have a French touch," says Chef Yogi.

Marked by the richness of spices, herbs and fruit, the Wonder Winter degustation menu is pure novelty and every bite is magic.

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To celebrate the vitality of nature in winter, the Wonder Winter degustation begins with an exquisite starter of rye and walnut bread with 60 year-old balsamic vinegar butter. Diners are then greeted by a series of amuse bouches; the first comes with edible crispy grass and a quail egg that melts in your mouth like chocolate; the second, a creamy and tangy lemon chilli tart, is a stunning starter bursting with different flavours. Flour also pays homage to the Japanese art of Kintsugi by mending a 'broken' macaron with edible gold.

The anticipation of the 10-course meal builds up with the Earth & Sea course that shines the spotlight on Osetra caviar—a must-have for all caviar lovers. Served with beetroot thoran custard, idli and amrakhand, the caviar and combination of ingredients prove unexpected in the best possible way. In contrast, the Bitterness course—grilled prawns married with pumpkin and fenugreek—explores the complexities of fresh crustaceans.

Flour's kabir, which is more popularly known as rasam, bridges tradition and modernity in its own way. The hearty broth containing tamarind, pepper, tomato, cumin and other spices is lent a lux touch with beautifully cooked scallops.

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Topped with tons of herbs and leaves, the Gaia showcases the best of root vegetables including yam, beetroot and potatoes. The journey continues with The Three Ducklings, a wholesome dish starring duck fillets with different accompaniments, namely winter black truffles, orange marmalade, and winter berries.

Straying far from France and India, Chef Yogi has also decided to bring Japan to his guests; the dish dubbed Japan Meets India highlights yellowfin tuna, mustard and turmeric leaves in truly spectacular fashion. Guests then revisit India by way of the Satisfaction course; pulses are balled up with rice and crispy papadum, resulting in a dish worth waiting for.

For a fuller experience, opt in for the Suckling Lamb Shank from Spain served with briyani and pomegranate curd; the meat melts in your mouth in the most fantastic way.

TATLER TIP: Flour takes its wine seriously and a pairing indefinitely makes for a better culinary experience.

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It's not all savoury delights at Flour. In fact, the desserts are just as enticing.

Your sweets journey begins with bouncy bundt-like cake that can either be infused with rum or a non-alcoholic libation and fresh whipped cream. The degustation then ends with whimsical dishes such as the Crispy, Sweet Fruits; Banana & Chocolate Tart; and one literally called the Merry Christmas & Happy New Year dessert.

Take your time to dissect each delight while savouring a hot beverage; you choice lies in masala tea, bourbon, liqueur and/or black coffee.

Degustation Details

WHERE: 12, Jalan Kamuning, Off, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur
WHEN: Now until December 31, 2020
PRICE: RM420 per pax
RESERVE: WhatsApp +6012-960 0053

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