Zipangu at Shangri-La KL is having a limited special Kyoto Kaiseki to give you a culinary reflection of the current Japanese season

From now until the 30th of June, Japanese restaurant Zipangu will be featuring a special course in the form of Kyoto Kaiseki.

For the unfamiliar, kaiseki is the quintessential Japanese haute cuisine, a multi-course meal that captures the upcoming Japanese seasons through refined food only made possible through extensive training.

The Kyoto Kaiseki course offered at the restaurant uses the freshest ingredients to create dishes that will indulge both the eyes and the palate, elevating food into edible art.

As per time-honoured tradition, the courses are meticulously crafted to reflect the current Spring season in Japan, as seen by the addition of blossoming flowers and ingredients normally found during the period.

2.jpg (original size)One of the highlights of the menu is a popular favourite – sashimi. Three kinds of fresh fish are prepared daily to whet the appetite and prepare diners for the oncoming courses.

3.jpg (original size)

Deep fried Kamo eggplant and pike conger is another highlight, playing with a combination of land and sea to deliver a fresh and light course that welcome springtime sensations.

4.jpg (original size)Grilled salmon with Japanese leaf buds is also another speciality, where both ingredients are grilled to perfection to ensure maximum flavour and texture harmony.

The Kyoto Kaiseki menu is priced at RM 350 nett per set. For more information or reservations call (03) 2074 3900 or email

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