Cover On weekends, Feeka turns into a pit-stop for the cyclist community (Photo: Khairul Imran/Tatler Malaysia)

Nestled between a former jazz haunt and a yakitori bar in the heart of the city, Feeka Coffee Roasters has long been a favourite among KLites.

The name Feeka comes from the Swedish word “fika” that translates to a social coffee break. This is exactly what Feeka Coffee Roasters aims to provide, a place where urban dwellers can get away for a breather. Walking up to the café, you are welcomed not only by lush greenery but also the smell of freshly ground coffee. Instantly, you forget that you’re just a row behind the busiest street in a bustling city.

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Single origin beans or a blend? That’s the first question coffee aficionados have to ask themselves when getting a cup of joe here. Then, the choice has to be made between espresso-based coffee, filter coffee, cold brew and other whimsical caffeine concoctions, and boy oh boy, it is not easy.

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A cup of Feeka's Americano or Flat White goes great with the sweeter dishes on their breakfast menu. But come afternoon, with the sun blazing down as it always does, a cold brew is what you need to beat the heat. Theirs is served with dried orange and orange zest to bring out the fruity aromas of the slow brewed coffee. For those who like their caffeine adulterated, there is the Yuzu (non-alcoholic) coffee cocktail and the Sticky Bun Latte, reminiscent of a freshly baked Cinnabon.

The menu has been recently revamped by head chef Daniel Thorlby who debuted his culinary career in a restaurant on this very street.

"The Turkish Style Poached Eggs are a crowd favorite", says Thorlby of a dish with oozing yolks, basil pesto, a sprinkle of crunchy chickpeas and sourdough—what's not to love? The Lamb Shakshuka, a wholesome dish, sees dukkah-spiced lamb meatballs served on a bed of tomatoes and ricotta, baked in an earthen dish.

Put jalapeños poppers and grilled cheese together and you'll get the Jalapeño Grilled Cheese Sandwich. A wonderful marriage of gooey cheeses and pickled jalapeños is sandwiched between crispy toasted bread. It is no wonder that as soon as the clock strikes noon, the seats are quickly filled by a hungry lunch crowd, looking to savour Feeka's many comforting dishes.

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On weekends Feeka turns into a pit-stop for KL’s cyclist community. It is common to see bikes parked in front of the café as they make a quick coffee stop or sit down for a well-deserved breakfast.

Furthermore, a lounge cum co-working space is in the works to provide digital nomads with a comfortable second space, especially now that the office model is becoming less relevant.

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