Enjoy a lavish dining experience at this intimate restaurant along Tanjong Pagar.

After you enter the Fat Prince, walk through a dim arched hallway and you’ll emerge into a seemingly different world. Welcome to The Ottoman Room, the buzzy café’s fine-dining sister.

The restaurant owners, who are also behind the acclaimed Neon Pigeon, wanted to capture the magic of the Ottoman empire’s lavish dining experience. To set the scene, they paid particular attention to the look and feel of the establishment.

The intimate dining room is surrounded by intricately-carved walls and soaked in soft, warm light emitted by hundreds of oil lamps hanging from the ceiling. Plush sofas and chairs in hues of brown and burgundy as well as vintage carpets complete the overall look.

Food-wise, chef Hunter Moyes does a good job in capturing vibrant Middle Eastern flavours. For example, the trio of hummus is a good introduction. Made with different spices and varying levels of tanginess, it went beautifully with the homemade pita bread. We also had mussels soaked in prawn broth, with spicy sausages and baby carrots that lent a crunch on every bite.

Depending on the catch of the day, the type of grilled fish available changes every day. We had dory cooked to a nice, crisp texture, and coated with Za’atar pesto and pine tree honey. It also came with cucumber and sea fennel.

The lamb shoulder, roasted in an “earth oven”, was delightful. Any hint of gaminess was masked by the tangy bite of sliced apples and creaminess of the pea puree.

For dessert, we opted for the Turkish Delight. We especially liked the nutty pistachio flavor, which went well with their potent Turkish coffee.

The Ottoman Room | 48 Peck Seah St, S(079317) | 6221 3683