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Surprise your gourmand dad with these curated feasts best enjoyed at home

Father’s Day falls on June 20, which is after the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) restrictions. And if all goes well, we will be able to celebrate with a meal at your favourite restaurants. Keep in mind though that the safety measures are still in place and we can only celebrate in small groups, so why not bring the party home with these stellar takeaways and delivery options from some of the island’s top chefs.

There are plenty of delicious options, so take your pick from sumptuous creations which include a whisky-infused steak, lavish Peranakan feast, and Italian set menu. And for dads who want to close the meal with a selection of cocktails, you can prepare easy whisky-based tipples or have a curated gift set delivered to your doorstep.

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Waterfall Italiano Ristorante

A bonding trip with dad won’t happen anytime soon, so let his palate travel to Italy first with Waterfall’s curated menu for a family of five or six. It has everything you love in a delectable Italian meal: antipasto platter comprising burrata curd cheese with Italian grilled vegetables, mortadella, parma ham and spicy salami; crusty pizza topped with pepperoni and cheese; and tagliatelle coated in a rich truffle sauce enriched with button mushrooms, parmesan cheese and pan-seared foie gras. Save space for desserts—a decadent mango parfait, profiteroles and classic panna cotta. Order here.

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What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with Margaret River Angus beef short ribs courtesy of chef Malcolm Lee? The Candlenut special is cooked in a Kapitan curry style made even better with the addition of chopped candlenuts and kaffir lime leaves. Make it a feast by ordering à la carte dishes such as chap chye, beef rendang and buah keluak fried rice. Order here.

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The Gyu Bar

Is dad a whisky and steak fan? He’ll definitely appreciate this Hibiki whisky-marinated Wagyu yakiniku that is available from June 18 to 27. What makes it special? The chefs use beef sourced from Kumamoto, which is sliced and steeped in Hibiki Harmony whisky for 24 hours to infuse its smooth and sweet notes into the meat. The Wagyu is then grilled until medium rare to showcase its intense marbling. The steak is complemented with a side of refreshing salad. Order here.

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You can’t go wrong with Spanish food, too, and Una’s delivery bundle has two of the cuisine’s signature eats—Paella de Marisco, a seafood saffron fried rice packed with prawns, clams and mussels, as well as Carille de Ternera, or Angus beef cheek braised in red wine and accompanied by creamy mashed potatoes and broccolini. The set also comes with a bottle of wine and is available on June 20 and 21. Order here.

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Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore

The steakhouse’ five-course takeaway set menu is a showcase of dishes prepared with premium meats and seafood that dad will surely enjoy. It all starts with the rich seafood stew bobbing with mussels, clams, sliced octopus and prawn; and rolled parmigiana crepe with deep-fried shrimp. These pave the way for the sumptuous highlight—the signature roasted USDA prime rib of beef aged for 28 days and roasted on beds of rock salt to enhance the flavours. The meal ends with a sugary treat of butterscotch chocolate coffee cake and red tea mousse cake. Available on June 19 and 20. Order here.

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Hai Tien Lo

Executive Chef Ben Zen has created the Loving Father’s Menu, which highlights his homely Cantonese dishes elevated with premium ingredients. Of course, the meal begins with soup; in this case, it’s a double-boiled sea cucumber soup with black bean and Chinese herbs. More sumptuous dishes come next, poached Wagyu beef and asparagus steeped in superior soya sauce to the deep-fried pomfret with minced pork and preserved vegetables. Available from June 14 to 20. Order here.

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Need more grilled items to as add-ons to your spread? Dad’s Grilled Platter comes loaded with 220gm Angus ribeye steak, chicken cheese sausages, and tiger prawns presented alongside delicately charred summer greens. These come with a side of truffle mashed potatoes and chef’s signature house-made dips: mint chimichurri, garlic beurre blanc and meat jus. Available from June 18 to 30. Order here.

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For dads who prefer seafood over meat, this seafood grill platter is filled with the freshest marine creatures, among which are Canadian lobster, crayfish, king prawns and salmon. These are marinated in the chef’s concoction, comprising 15 types of herbs and spices such as paprika, cumin and thyme, before they are masterfully cooked over fire to bind all the delicious and smoky flavours in each bite. Available on June 19 and 20. Order here.

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Fat Cow

The Father’s Day set lunch puts forward delectable Japanese dishes, and it won’t be complete without the silky chawanmushi and yasai seiro mushi. The latter is a beautiful ensemble of asparagus, carrots, broccoli, okra and mushrooms which are simply steamed to retain their pristine flavours. Don’t forget about the sashimi moriawase or a showcase of fresh seasonal sashimi; afterwards, dad can refresh his palate with the karei nitsuke, a comforting soup of flounder simmered in soy sauce, sake and mirin broth. Last but not least is the Miyazaki Wagyu steak served with fresh wasabi and fried shallots. Available for takeaway from June 15 to 20. Call 6735 0308 to order the set. 

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Fire Restaurant

Father’s Day brunch at home is possible with this four-course set which comes with all the goodies, including the glorious meat platter laden with Amelia Park lamb saddle on the bone, parrilla-grilled Patagonian red prawns best eaten when dipped win northern criollita sauce (salsa); and 'Devesa' Argentinian grain-fed ribeye dipped in chimichurri. You'll be served the plato de verduras, too, a medley of vegetables prepared in different ways, from pickled heirloom carrots, wood-fired palermo peppers smoked salt to parilla wood-fried white corn. Pre-orders are available now for June 20 delivery. Order here.

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