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Show the superman of the house how special he is with these sumptuous meals prepared by our favourite chefs

This story was updated on June 11, 2020.

It seems like we've just celebrated our mothers, and now we're already planning for something special for Father's Day which falls on June 21. Since we can't do much as we're still not allowed to travel or dine out, the least we can do is plan a celebratory meal at home. Here are some of our best suggestions based on dad's preferences. 

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The Knolls

Make your pop's day extra special with a luxe spread from the culinary team at The Knolls. The first set comes with a 12-hour braised O’Connor Angus beef short ribs based in a flavoursome red wine jus, while the second features grilled US Angus beef chateaubriand in a pool of port wine sauce.

Both come with fresh bakes such as chia seed with cranberry roll and rosemary olive focaccia, as well as sides including black truffle mashed potato and creamed baby spinach, to complement your meaty mains. Dessert is an irresistible Valrhona chocolate tartlet or dark chocolate fudge cake loaf. Available from June 19 to 21. Click here to order. 

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Wakanui Grill Dining

There’s no better treat for your carnivorous dad than these sumptuous offerings from Wakanui. Naturally, the Family Meal sets showcase the steakhouse’s signature meats—Canterbury grass-fed fillet and spring lamb chop, cooked over binchotan grill for a tender and smoky meat.

Dad will appreciate these better with sides. Depending on the set you’ve chosen (whether it’s for two, three or four), it might come with mashed potatoes, potato wedges, Wakanui mixed green salad or French onion soup. Dessert is a Japanese-inspired matcha burnt cheesecake or a saffron lemon meringue tart. Available as part of its regular menu. Click here to order.

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Let dad know how special he is from the moment he wakes up with Sprmrkt’s breakfast bagels, with four different fillings. Always a classic is the Ultimate Breakfast Bagel, loaded with your choice of smoked salmon or beef pastrami, as well as scrambled eggs, avocado, onions and cream cheese. 

For something a little different, the Korean BBQ mushroom bagel comes with oyster mushrooms, shredded carrots and cucumbers, over-easy egg and spicy go ju chang sauce to fire up dad’s taste buds in the morning. Available for takeaway and delivery from June 15 to 21.  Call 8129 8166 or email to order. 

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Shang Social

What dad wants, dad gets when it’s Father’s Day. So, if he prefers Chinese fare over other cuisines, order the set menu for four comprising the restaurant’s signature dishes. This includes a complimentary appetiser of crispy fish skin cereal, as well as the crispy boneless chicken.

The whole family will surely enjoy the Cantonese speciality with the deboned chicken stuffed to the core with glutinous rice, dried scallop, dried shrimp, various cured meats and dried shiitake mushroom. The exterior has also been brushed with a marinade that caramelises the skin after cooking for four hours. Available from June 19 to 21. Click here to order. 

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It’s dad’s day after all, so why not start the occasion with breakfast-inspired cocktails like the Stevie J and the Palm Tree Tonic. The former is a lighter take on the classic Manhattan and imbued with apple notes, while the latter is a coconut- and coffee-flavoured gin and tonic.

Follow it up with a lavish feast centred around meat dishes like the sakura pork chop, drizzled with whisky raisin jus, and the New Zealand Angus ribeye. If dad is a steak lover, he will definitely enjoy sinking his teeth into the fork-tender meat smoked to succulent perfection. End with something indulgent like the burnt cheesecake or the classic apple pie. Available for takeaway and delivery from June 15 to 21. Click here to order. 

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Executive chef Sam Chin wants to make your feast more memorable with their signature Kumamoto “Kokuou” A5 black Wagyu ribeye, which has been butter-aged for 90 days to achieve intense umami flavours. The centrepiece is accompanied with sides of grilled broccolini, baked marble potato with jamon, sautéed broccoli and cauliflower, as well as condiments such as chimichurri and wholegrain mustard sauce. If that’s not enough for dad, toss in the black Angus cheeseburger, assembled with premium beef patty, American cheddar, pickled cucumber mayo and homemade brioche buns. Click here to order.

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While you can’t take dad for a celebratory meal at Odette, chef Julien Royer brings the experience to your home with the Father’s Day hamper sets. Start the day right with “Rise & Shine”, a continental breakfast of freshly-baked pastries like baguettes and croissants. Also opt for “Indulgence” for your lunch and dinner meal, and let him tuck into delectable French goodies such as Paris-Brest, a classic French dessert made with choux pastry and praline-flavoured cream, and pate en croute. Choose between the whole roasted poularde de Bresse and the slow-roasted Axuria lamb shoulder 'Provencale' for the centrepiece of your meal. Click here to order.

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A buffet feast for dad isn’t possible this year, but executive chef Angelo Ciccone makes sure he eats well with a “semi-buffet” package delivered to your doorstep. Savour an array of anti-pasti including Sicilian seafood salad and marinated vegetables; burrata cheese with tomatoes and basil pesto; and assorted cold cuts and breads. Mains include crispy pork belly scented with Primitivo red wine and roasted artichokes, as well as house-made raviolacci pasta filled with baby spinach and ricotta. Surprise dad at the end of the meal with Papa Dolce, a confection of dark chocolate gluten-free sponge with rum- raisin-spiked caramel mascarpone cream, made just for the occasion. Click here to order.

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Peach Blossoms

The Father’s Day six-course menu, good for four persons, showcases the culinary team’s beloved signatures. It commences with a nourishing thick collagen broth brimming with crab claw stuffed with shrimp paste, followed by the likes of braised pig trotter with brown sauce and glutinous rice with waxed meat. After the meal, surprise him with a decadent Manjari dark chocolate mousse cake. Available for the whole month of June. Click here to order.

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Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Buffet brunch at home? Why not especially when you’re celebrating dad’s day. Entice him first with the seafood platter adorned with boiled Maine prawns, snow crab and king crab, and served with traditional condiments. In place of the carvery station, the menu comes with your choice of slow-roasted bone-in prime ribs or Australian lamb rack, as well as hearty accompaniments liked mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. It comes with a variety of desserts, too. Available on June 20 and 21. Click here to order.