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Sweet, savoury, filled, iced, or stuffed with ice cream, donuts from the new brand add a twist to the classic fried dough treat

Donuts are officially trending after Cookie DPT’s one-day-only launch of their Simpson’s Dohnut earlier in August, and barely three weeks later local donut brand Ello has unveiled a three-month donut pop-up at Tsim Sha Tsui’s K11 Art Mall. From now until November 15, Ello will serve variations of the fried dough treat, from sweet, filled donuts to savoury hot dog-styled fried buns and donut ice cream sandwiches.

Ello’s donuts are made from yeasted dough that is shaped, cut, and fried on location at the pop-up store. Donut lovers searching for a simple glazed donut will be disappointed as all the brand’s offerings are filled. Another thing that sets Ello’s donuts apart is that all the donuts—whether sweet or savoury—are fried with an air-fryer instead of in a pot of hot fat, which results in a longer preparation time and a slightly drier exterior. The pop-up shop offers three types of filled donuts, including salted egg yolk; lemon pie; and hazelnut chocolate and banana. The sweet donuts also come in an ice cream sandwich form. Sweet donuts are made-to-order and are priced from HK$48 to HK$68.

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Ello also offers a selection of savoury donuts shaped like hot dog buns, that are breadcrumbed before being deep-fried. The golden-brown buns are sliced on one side and fillings include Sichuan mala beef and egg; Korean-style kimchi and pork belly; and Thai lettuce wrap-inspired vegetarian minced pork with Thai herbs. The savoury donuts are priced from HK$68 to HK$72 apiece.

Ello Donut Pop-Up, B2 Atrium, K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

Aside from Ello, donut lovers can also satisfy their craving for the popular fried treats at a number of shops and restaurants all over down. Here are our picks of some of the best:


As part of their dessert offerings, Simon Rogan’s Roganic serves tiny ringlets of pine sugar donuts. The ethereal fried bread is made with homemade sourdough, proofed twice to get to a good size. The dough is rolled out cut with round cutters to perfect the shape and fried in hot oil until golden. The herbaceous pine sugar is made with dried pine needles and white sugar, blitzed to blend and use as a coating for an evergreen treat at the British restaurant.

Roganic, UG/F 08, Sino Plaza, 255 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong; +852 2817 8383

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Mamma Always Said

Meraki Hospitality’s Mamma Always Said serves a jam-filled donut at the Peel Street restaurant. Available daily, the donuts are made with a yeasted enriched dough made with a generous helping of butter. The dough, similar to that of a French brioche, is shaped and deep-fried until golden while the interior remains soft. The cooled donut is filled with a seasonal jam made by executive chef Corey Riche. A strawberry-blueberry jam is the conventional version, but Riches is keen to create seasonal varieties as well such as with French Reine Claude plum jam.

Mamma Always Said, G/F, 42 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong;

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Dough Bros

Having recently opened a new takeaway shop in Soho, Dough Bros excels in producing donuts with a jam-packed Nutella filling. The deep-fried treat has a golden exterior, a soft texture with an even coating of sugar, and it is just the right size for a good three bites before the milk chocolate hazelnut spread begins oozing out. Be sure to save room after pizzas and have napkins ready when enjoying these warm donuts.

Dough Bros, G/F, 68-70A Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong; +852 2398 9042

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Supporters of Gregoire Michaud's Wan Chai neighbourhood bakery know their sourdough loaves and egg tarts, and the donuts occasionally make an appearance but never last long when they do. A good size and generously filled, Michaud's donuts are soft and and very light in terms of texture. The chocolate and hazelnut filling has a subtle cocoa flavour without overbearing bitterness. Our favourite is the vanilla custard donut, packed with a rich pastry cream filling. The bakery also offers a raspberry jam-filled donut.

Bakehouse, G/F, 14 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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The Indonesian donut eatery has three outlets in Hong Kong, and is the only mainstream café serving donuts as its main treat. With a total of 27 varieties of donuts available on the menu, J Co’s varieties span from ring-shaped to round and filled, topped with slivered nuts or fondants and icing pipings. The donut brand also creates a separate line of croissant donuts, similar to the one popularised by Dominique Ansel.

J.Co, Shops 1-2, G/F, 55 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong; +852 6982 8282

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