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Put on your fancy pants and ready your palate for these fine dining deliveries in the Klang Valley

In the past year and a half, great changes have chased after one another like ocean waves. An exponential increase in the number of home bakers means that the average customer has turned competitor, and fine dining restaurants that once viewed delivery platforms from afar must know them inside out. We are awash with more food delivery options than we know what to do with. At times like these, a little nudge in the right direction doesn’t hurt. Options are legion, but your faithful correspondent can vouch for the following:

(A word of warning: very few greens appear in this article. Click here more plant-based content)

Breakfast: Ultime's boulangerie selection

Once the bugaboo of modern diners, carbohydrates have become a comfort blanket in these distressful times.

From newcomer Flaaah to tried and true spots such as Provisions and Universal Bakehouse, bakeries abound in both Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, but this is one bread basket I’d happily bury my face in again.

In person, French fusion restaurant Ultime practically drips with opulence, but the new eatery is taking the rustic route for delivery; traditional French viennoiserie is presented in their original glory—just as the gods of baking intended. From a fruit danish that oozes vanilla custard to a cinnamon roll that requires unravelling before you get to the gooey centre, most items on their menu should ring familiar to any self-respecting Francophile. But the one pastry that most Malaysians (and even some Frenchmen) fail to identify happens to be the best in our books—pillowy and versatile, Faluche hails from northern France and western Belgium, hence its relative anonymity even in bigger French cities such as Paris and Nice. 

Because some might deem bread alone incomplete, Ultime has also been experimenting with flavoured butter, a lockdown trend long endorsed by Tatler Dining. Find your favourite among four flavours: herbaceous pesto, earthy porcini, charcoal truffle and beetroot with Mediterranean undertones.

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Ultime | Unit 4-1B, Level 4, Menara Noble Land, 2, Jalan Changkat Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur

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Lunch: Park Grill's josper-grilled dishes

Due to its untimely opening during you-know-what, Park Grill at Platinum Park hasn’t had much chance to flex its muscles—yet. But the training wheels have finally come off, and Chef Muhamad Shazmier and team are raring to introduce more Malaysians to the joys of Josper cooking.

Occupying the heart of Park Grill, the Josper oven—the Jimmy Choo of charcoal cookware, if you will—is every chef’s dream toy.

This highly coveted appliance turns out excellent steaks, but you’d be surprised by what other ingredients can be subjected to the furnace.

Let’s begin with the least likely of grilled foods: soup. Resembling Japanese curry more than anything, Park Grill’s bouillabaisse isn’t like any I've had before. The absence of any apparent seafood in its murky depths make me think there has been a mistake, but a single spoonful reminds me that appearances can be misleading. The creamy, concentrated seafood stock served with sourdough (toasted in the Josper) and baby potatoes (also baked in the Josper) carries a woodsy aroma—one that carries over to the subsequent dishes like a melody’s down-beat.

Marked with criss-cross scores on both top and bottom buns, the Park Grill Burger is capable of giving its contemporaries an inferiority complex. Think eyes-roll-back-in-your-head kind of good. Adding marks to the burger are: 1) a generous mound of caramelised onions and 2) mimolette cheese so orange it resembles radioactive materials.

Both the burger and the ensuing Cod Fish & Chips come with fries, but they couldn’t be more dissimilar. While the triple-cooked fries are pretty run-of-the-mill, the parmesan fries—funny, puffy things that look like my childhood snack of Twisties—are a lot more fun. The chef’s decision to use black cod cements an instant win for the Fish & Chips, as every mouthful of the buttery fillet sends me to seventh heaven. Fun fact: Black Cod is the ultimate misnomer, as neither is the fish black nor does it belong to the cod family.

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Park Grill | Ground floor, Naza Tower, Platinum Park, Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

Dinner: Sage's family takeaway set

The self-inflicted gavage continues with Sage’s family takeaway set, which ranges from RM238 to RM888, depending on your main. My partner and I settle for the the Beef Wellington (RM368), which is personally delivered by Sage’s long-suffering restaurant manager, a friendly fellow whom fine dining fans might recognise from his six years at DC Restaurant. Around the same time that Yann Anuar began a new chapter, Sage also announced a new head chef, and if this takeaway meal proves anything, it’s that Don John Sta Maria truly gets Sage’s DNA.

Classically delicious, Sage’s Beef Wellington might resemble a hefty brick, but comes closer to ripened fruit in terms of juiciness.

It isn’t just red wine reduction that lends the meat its moistness, but a secret layer of mushrooms beneath the pastry.

The slew of sides—Sage’s signature basil dip served with two types of bread; mashed potatoes with summer truffles; grilled asparagus, broccolini and fine beans—are all well and satisfactory, but what stands out most is the homemade mushroom soup, a heady concoction that will haunt my hungry thoughts for days and weeks, that is, until lockdown lifts and my days are filled with more distractions.

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Whatsapp +6016-775 7160 or call +03-22681328 at least 2 days in advance

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Sage | The Gardens Residences, Level 6, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur

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