On the many nights when sleep eludes me, I turn to Instagram and let #instacakes lull me into a sweet slumber.

I am an unapologetic cake addict. When I’m not giving in to its sweet temptation, I’m looking at photos of them on Instagram and I thank God for giving man the ability to be creative and create something as wonderful as a good cake.

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, here are my tried and tested three Instagrammers who, in my opinion, excel in making delicious, colourful confections that are oh so good for the soul.

 Frost & Flourish

Frost&Flourish.jpg - cakes on Instagram, Frost & Flourish

 @frostandflourish boasts an impressive grid packed with pretty cake photos. The KL-based baker disproves the notion that only fondant cakes rank high in pomp and pageantry by presenting her beautiful buttercream cakes that taste as good as they look. Equally mouthwatering, the macaron, cookies and seasonal items like pineapple tarts with a touch of salted egg yolk!

 Cakes Crush


Mini cakes are the order of the day at @cakescrush and the proprietor works with both buttercream and fondant. But what she’s really known for is her Nutella pods that are the best thing since sliced bread. It’s addictive, lip smacking and totally worth the guilt.

 Sugar Blast


If you’re looking for cakes with really good cream cheese, @sugar_blast by Mariana Hashim is the perfect place for you to get a dose of its goodness. Try the Victoria Sponge Cake with her famous cream cheese and you will never look back. She also takes orders for custom cakes of grand proportions.

There’s more where that came from but this will do for now. I'm always taking cake notes, what’s your favourite cake account on Instagram?

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