New vino, new menu! To match his growing wine list, Dr. Wine has been busy cultivating some cracking new dishes in the kitchen

Just last month, Dr. Wine upped the ante of his menu offerings what with the fine occupants of his cellar slowly but surely creeping up in number. With an improved wine list, the obvious place to start was to augment the cheese and cold cut selection. The complementary artisanal sourdough slathered with sea salt butter is divine! Tip: Just look for Dr. Wine’s sommelier for guidance on these pairings.

Chef Julien Lecomte then took it upon himself to add 15 dishes to Dr. Wine’s existing traditional bistro menu. “I've been working at Dr. Wine since day one,” says Lecomte, “and we always want to offer the best value for money and quality products to our guests. We started with a very limited menu, but, step by step, we’ve added items. I'm very proud and happy to present these new dishes.”

Highlights of the menu include never-before-seen salads, like the Mr. Seguin’s Goat Cheese Salad (melted goat cheese toast, walnuts, smoked bacon on top of mixed greens, drizzled in honey and walnut dressing) and the Chicken Delicacy Salad with organic chicken gizzards and liver glazed with port wine, bacon bits dressed in apple cider vinaigrette.

As per chef Lecomte, “The best onion soup in the Metro has to be their La Soupe à L'oignon Gratinée featuring three kinds of onions and topped with perfectly crisped countryside bread croutons and gratinated Gruyère. Also highly recommended is pairing this precious gooey soup with their all new Escargots à la Bourguignonne.

Good news for the vegetarians out there as Dr. Wine was empathetic to their cause: The new Canellonnis à la Truffa, a rich dish of spinach, ricotta, and salsa tartuffa stuffed pasta submerged in a dreamy béchamel sauce and topped with melted goat cheese is a must-try.

Meat lovers, however, will be pleased to see the Braised Australian Lamb Shank on the bill of fare what with the shank marinated for 48 hours in red wine and herbs and then slowly cooked for four hours. “This causes fireworks on the tip of your tongue!” promises Lecomte.

Diners will definitely want to find out what the “Michelin-starred secret” is all about with the Georges Blanc's Mother Secret Chicken recipe while the traditionalists will give a two thumbs up to the Traditional Strasbourg Choucroute, a hefty dish of German sausages, pork neck and smoked pork belly on fermented cabbage cooked with white wine and juniper berries.

The very well-executed Cassoulet Toulousain, meanwhile, brings back sentimental memories from Dr. Wine's childhood. A slow-cooked rich casserole with duck leg confit, Toulouse and garlic sausages, smoked pork belly and neck with white beans.

While many are contented with wine for dessert, those with a sweet tooth will love The Doctor's Stairway to Heaven (now there’s a big come on, if ever there was one). A tempting confection of chocolate custard served with crunchy Belgium wafers and topped with whipped cream, “It will,” in Lecomte’s words, “make you say the right kind of ‘Mmm.’”

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